Anthro 289 Recordings Uninstall RealPlayer

Instead, install Real Alternative (also for .rm files) because it gives much better resolution.
First, however it needs DirectX 9.0 Don't install 10. or higher. Back to wiki Streaming video site - If you use Real Alternative ON A PC, to move forward in a video files, click stop, reset the slider, and click play. Dont use the slider while the video is playing or it will freeze up THO THIS WORKS FOR A MAC.

1F 08-04-04?start=58:05

1F 08-04-04pt2?start=:25

2F 08-04-11?start=.35

3F 08-04-18?start=.35

4F 08-04-25?start=.35

4F 08-04-25 part 2 start=.35

5F 08-05-02 start=.35

5F 08-05-02-part2 start=.35

5F 08-05-02-part2 start=24:00 Generative Feedback network starts at 18:

6W 08-05-07 start=.35

6W 08-05-07 part 2 start=.35

7F 08-05-09 start=.35 Sarah Baitzel (Galton's problem), Andrew Somerville (Mesoamerica), Alicia Boswell (Tiwanaku 1:18)

7F 08-05-09 part2 start=.35 Ashwin Budden (Brazil, religious groups), Laurent Tambayong (Simulating collaborations)

8F 08-05-16 start=.35 Megan Pitcavage? 41:31 (Medieval trade networks), John McGraw (Diviners)

8F 08-05-16 part2 start=.35 Beth Plunger (Stats for Arch.), de Jong

-F 08-05-16 4c VideoConf start=.35 Cosma Shalizi

9F 08_05-21_ASC.rm?start=.35 Doug

9F 08_05_21_ASC.rm?start=.35 Celia de Jong (Mesopotamia), Erez Ben-Yosef (magnetic geoarchaeology)

10F 08_05-23_ASC.rm?start=.35 Megan Pitcavage (Mayan), Carolina Berys (Green dynamics and beliefs), Andrew Somerville (Mesoamerica), Yong Ming (Gaming networks)

10F 08-05_23_ASC.rm?start=.35 Doug

no talks - Karen Niches - Pryor on Agriculture (supposed to go week 10), Catherine Forsman - New Orleans (will put on wiki)
HERE are cut and paste addresses for these talks

F rtsp://

F rtsp://

F rtsp://">08-04-11?start=.35

F rtsp://">08-04-18?start=.35

F rtsp://">08-04-25?start=.35

F rtsp://">08-04-25 part 2 start=.35

F rtsp://">08-05-02 start=.35

F rtsp://">08-05-02-part2 start=.35

W rtsp://">08-05-07 start=.35

W rtsp://">08-05-07 part 2 start=.35

F rtsp://">08-05-09 start=.35

F rtsp://">08-05-09 part2 start=.35

F rtsp://">08-05-16 start=.35

F rtsp://">08-05-16 part2 start=.35

F rtsp://">08-05-16 4c VideoConf start=.35 Cosma Shalizi rtsp:// rtsp:// rtsp:// rtsp://