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2010 forward: All new talks in Shockwave Flash stored here and on the CURRENT EVENTS pages for each speaker, where you can find abstracts. But to play from the Doug White Lectures storage page just click each image (the first, Koenig 9/25/2009, corresponds to Sept 25 2009 Koenig) in the current events wiki pages.

Talks for fall 2009 can be opened here as well as from from wiki pages because they are *.swf shockwave files, but this double-listing was discontinued in December 2009 (see CURRENT EVENTS pages instead by search for speakers or by dates):

fall '09-10 How Cooperation Emerges from Conflict: An Agent-Based Model of Security Network Formation - Streaming video Zeev Maoz, Prof, Political Science, UC Davis October 30th 2009

fall '09-10 Game Theory and Network Formation with Local Information - Streaming video Michael McBride, Assoc. Prof, Economics, UCI. October 16h 2009

fall '09-10 Games of Dynamic Network Formation Sept 25, 09 - Streaming video Michael Koenig, Postdoc, ETHZ. September 25th 2009

Talks prior to fall 2009 cannot be opened from wiki pages because they are REALPLAYER FORMAT *.asx files, so they must be opened in the links below:


Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious - Streaming video DONT USE VPN Gerd Gigerenzer, Director, Max Planck Institute for Human Development

'08-09 Complexity is Everywhere! (disable your VPN) Donald Saari, Director, IMBS, UC Irvine. January 9, 2009

'07-08 Simplicity in Complexity: Complex Systems Approaches Across Disciplines - pdf - Carl P. Simon, Director, CSCS, Michigan - 4c

'08-09 The genetic basis of human social networks - pdf - James Fowler, Assoc. Prof., UCSD, Polical Science. March 6, 2009

'08-09 From Experiential-Based to Relational-Based Forms of Social Organization: A Major Transition in the Evolution of Homo sapiens - ppt - Dwight Read, Director, Human Complex Systems, UCLA, Anthropology. February 6, 2009

'08-09 Responding to Complex Problems: Emergent Networks During Disasters - pdf - Carter Butts, Sociology, UCI. February 20, 2009

Statistical methods for complex systems - pdf - Cosma Shalizi Asst. Prof., Carnegie Mellon, former postdoc CSCS, Michigan and SFI - 4c

A simple model for complex networks with arbitrary degree distribution and clustering - pdf - Mark S. Handcock, Director, Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences, U. Washington - 4c

'08-09 Signals: Common Knowledge, the Cooperative Principle, and Adaptive Dynamics - pdf - Brian Skyrms, UCI IMBS, Distinguished Professor, Depts. of Logic, Philosophy of Science, & Economics - 4c

'08-09 Kinship Computing and Complexity: Cohesion, Class and Community - ppt - Douglas R. White, Anthropology, UCI; Chair, Social Dynamics and Complexity group in IMBS at UCI; External faculty, Santa Fe Institute), powerpoint Discussant Dwight Read's Commentary here.

'08-09 Dynamics in Action, Intentional Behavior as a Complex System: Dynamical systems account of mental causation - ppt - Alicia Juarrero

'08-09 HyperCities: Building A New Learning Environment - http://www.hypercities.com/ - Todd Presner

Recent Research on Mesopotamian State Emergence - pdf - Henry Wright, U. Michigan Anthropology - 4c

The Internet Is Like A Jellyfish - pdf - Michalis Faloutsos, UC Riverside, Computer Science - 4c

A Unified Framework for Defining and Identifying Causal Effects - pdf - Halbert White, UCSD Economics - 4c

Comment on: A Unified Framework for Defining and Identifying Causal Effects - pdf - Judea Pearl, UCLA Computer Science Department and Cog Sci Lab - 4c

Automated Analysis of Relations between Words, Entities, Topics, and Documents using Statistical Topic Models - pdf - Padhraic Smyth, UCI Computer Science - 4c

The Multiple Models Approach: Burning Man as a Case Study for the Synergistic Use of Memes Theory, Cultural Theory, and Multi-Agent Mapping - pdf - Dario Nardi, Founding member, Human Complex Systems Program - 4c

Protein-Protein Interaction Networks: Issues, Models, and Comparisons - ppt missing - Natasa Przulj, UCI, Bren Information and Computer Science - 4c

A simulation model of Lake Titicaca Basin settlement patterns circa 2500 BC - AD 1000 - article - Quitkime Simulation movie Arthur Griffin and Charles Stanish, Cotsen Institute; and Director, Cotsen Institute, UCLA. - 4c see also Modeling Ancient Settlement Systems (Oriental Institute, U Chicago)

Civilizations as dynamic networks: Cities, hinterlands, populations, industries, trade and conflict - pdf - Douglas R. White, UCI, Chair, Social Dynamics and Complexity, IMBS - 4c

Ecological Complexity and Sustainability - pdf - B Larry Li, UCR, Ecology - 4c

Material anchors for conceptual blends - pdf - Edwin Hutchins, UCSD, Cognitive Science - 4c

The Evolution of Technology within a Simple Computer Model - ppt - W. Brian Arthur, Santa Fe Institute - 4c

Complexity Works: Rain Forest / Meadow / Eco-Urban Edge / Glacial Melt and Sponge - pdf - Helen_and_Newton_Harrison, UCSD Art and Ecology - 4c

The Dynamics of Deterrence - MARSCHAK ppt NOT AVAILABLE - Mark Kleiman [[Wikipedia:Mark A. R. Kleiman]] Public Policy, UCLA School of Public Affairs - 4c

Endogamy, adultery and homosexuality: an ethnographic perspective on the Bloomsbury Group - pdf - Adam Kuper,[[Wikipedia:Adam Kuper|Wikipedia:]] UC London, Anthropology - 4c]

The Role of Robustness Mechanisms in the Evolution of Social Complexity - ppt missing - Jessica Flack, Santa Fe Institute - 4c

Humans are by nature political animals: New evidence and arguments - pdf - Darren Schreiber, UCSD Political Science - 4c

The Emergence of Parties: An Agent-Based Simulation - ppt missing - Darren Schreiber, UCSD Political Science - 4c

Simulating the foraging behavior of criminals see [[Simulation]]- pdf - Jeff Brantingham, UCLA Anthropology - 4c

Supreme Court Networks of Precedents - pdf - James Fowler [[Wikipedia:James Fowler]] UCSD Political Science - 4c

The Evolution of Cultural Kinship: A non-Darwinian Odyssey - pdf missing - Dwight Read, UCLA, Anthropology, Co-Director, Human Complex Systems - 4c

Explaining Corporate Governance Systems - pdf - Peter Gourevitch [[Wikipedia:Peter Gourevitch]] UCSD Political Science - 4c

Evolutionary Models of Color Categorization Based on Discrimination - pdf - Kim Jameson et al., UCI Color Lab- 4c

Molecular Anthropology: Application of Analysis of Mitochondrial Variation toward Understanding the Origins of Humans and Their Culture - ppt missing - Doug Wallace, UCI, Director, MAMMAG - 4c

The Co-Evolution of Pro-Social Norms and the Market - ppt missing - Jean Ensminger, Cal Tech, Anthropology - 4c

Variation in Human Cultural Practices - ppt missing - Jared Diamond [[Wikipedia:Jared Diamond]] UCLA, Geography - 4c

Organizational Complexity, Linguistic Anthropology, and Narrative - pdf - Michael Agar, Ethknoworks LLC - 4c

Complexity in Music: the Human Factor - Video only - Robert Garfias, UCI Anthropology LLC - 4c

Cityrise and Cityquake: The Five Alternations Between Global Economy and Regional Economies in Eurasia in the Last Millennium; and Definitive Evidence of Macro Civilizational Dynamics - pdf - Douglas R. White, Laurent Tambayong, Natasa Kejzar, Ben Lind UCI IMBS, Anthropology - 4c

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talk title - ppt - speaker, position - 4c Wright_Mespot_2006.pdf Stephen Bankes VidConf_06Apr.pdf Fiske2007-Apr13_RMT_Marschak.pdf rtsp://media.nacs.uci.edu:554/ITC/SocialScience/White/2008_01_12_P1.rm Nick Gessler rtsp://media.nacs.uci.edu:554/ITC/SocialScience/White/2008_01_12_P3.rm B Larry Li Invited speaker: '''[[Wikipedia:Bonnie Nardi]]'''