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Neil Heffernan - WIBMA - Share screen while on the phone - Build a WIBMA classroom - Obsolete because Blackboard Vista has been replaced by Moodle


Contributing to ASSiSTments

from Worchester Tech: PDF

Improvement: "A computer can’t tell when you’re confused or frustrated or bored.” (NYT Mag)

So ask the student. With his colleagues Hefferman "is working on an emotion-sensitive tutor: a computer program that can recognize and respond to students’ moods. One of his collaborators on the project is Sidney D’Mello, an assistant professor of psychology and computer science at the University of Notre Dame."

Ken Koedinger

See NYTMag section on Ken Koedinger.

  • See section on teacher Thienpont. They use iPod Touches
  • See section on Delaney’s Bellingham classroom. "After explaining how to solve a problem that many got wrong on the previous night’s homework, Delaney asked her students to come up with a hint for the next year’s class...." and succeeded.
  • "Unlike the proprietary software sold by Carnegie Learning, or by education-technology giants like Pearson, ASSISTments was designed to be modified by teachers and students, in a process Heffernan likens to the crowd-sourcing that created Wikipedia. His latest inspiration is to add a button to each page of ASSISTments that will allow students to access a Web page where they can get more information about, say, a relevant math concept. Heffernan and his W.P.I. colleagues are now developing a system of vetting and ranking the thousands of math-related sites on the Internet."
"For all his ambition, Heffernan acknowledges that this technology has limits. He has a motto: “Let computers do what computers are good at, and people do what people are good at.”


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