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AWC Eff's Revision 559 > 558?

Doug: The Luguru can't be A08c, since that belongs to the Sukuma.  They are A08d
Add 4 558+8=566
A08e Hehe
A10c B. Kavirondo
A16e Temne
C01c Arusi
N08e Wishram
Must Correct 4 
A09aa* Chagga
E19bb* Lakher
N24aa* Aztec
S15bb* Mundurucu
     1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     0     1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     0  
  1 A01a  A02a  A02b  A02c  A03a  A03b  A03c  A03d  A03e  A03f  A04a  A04b  A04c  A04d  A05a  A05b  A05c  A05d  A05e  A06a 
 21 A06b  A06c  A06d  A06e  A07a  A07b  A07c  A07d  A08a  A08b  A08c  A08d--|8e|--A09aa*A09b  A09c  A09d  A09e  A10a  A10b--10c|--A10d *
 41 A10e  A11a  A12a  A12b  A12c__A12d  A12e  A13a  A13b  A13c  A13d  A13e  A14a  A14b  A14c  A14d  A14e  A15a  A15b  A15c 
 61 A15d  A15e  A16a  A16b  A16c  A16d--|6e|--A17a  A17b  A17c  A18a  A18b  A18c  A18d  A18e  A19a  A19b  A19c  A19d  A19e  A19f + A16e
 81 A20a  A20b  A20c  A20d  A20e  A21a  A21b  A21c  A21d  A21e  A22a__A22b  A22c  A22d  A23a  A23b  A23c  A23d  A24a  A24b 
101 A24c  A24d  A24e  A25a  A25b  A25c  A25d  A25e  C01a  C01b--|1c|--C01d  C01e  C02a  C02b  C03a  C03b  C03c  C03d  C04a  C04b 
121 C04c  C05a  C05b  C05c  C05d  C05e  C06a  C06b  C06c  C06d  C06e  C07a  C07b  C07c  C07d  C08a  C08b__C09a  C10a  C11a
141 C11b  C11c  C11d  C11e  C12a  C12b  C13a  C14a  C14b  C15a  C15b  C15c  C16a  C17a  C17b  C17c  C18a  C19a  C20a  C20b 
161 C21a  C21b  C22c  C22d  C23a  C23b  C24a  C24b  C24c  C25a  C25b  C25c  E01a  E01b  E01c  E01d  E02a  E02b  E02c  E02d 
181 E02e  E03a  E03b  E04a __ E04b  E05a  E05b  E05c  E06a  E06b  E07a  E07b  E08a  E08b__E09a  E09b  E09c  E10a  E10b  E10c 
201 E10d  E11a  E11b  E11c  E12a  E12b  E12c  E12d  E12e  E13a  E13b  E13c  E13d  E13e  E14a  E14b  E15a  E15b  E15c  E15d 
221 E15e  E16a  E16b  E16c  E16d  E17a  E17b  E17c  E17d  E18a  E18b __ E18c  E18d  E18e  E19a  E19bb*E19c  E19d  E19e  E20a *
241 E21a  E21b  E21c  E22a  E22b  E23a  E23b  E23c  E24a  E24b  E25a  E25b  E25c  I01a  I01b  I02a  I02b  I02c  I02d  I03a 
261 I03b  I03c  I03d  I03e  I04a  I04b  I04c  I04d  I05a  I05b  I05c  I05d  I06a  I06b  I06c  I06d  I07a  I07b __ I07c  I07d 
281 I07e  I08a  I08b  I08c  I08d  I08e  I08f  I09a  I09b  I09c  I09d  I09e  I10a  I10b  I10c  I10d  I10e  I11a  I11b  I11c 
301 I11d  I11e  I12a  I12b  I12c  I12d  I13a  I13b  I13c  I13d  I14a  I14b  I14c  I14d  I15a  I15b  I15c  I16a  I16b  I16c 
321 I16d  I16e  I17a  I17b  I17c __ I17d  I17e  I18a  I18b  I19a  I19b  I19c  I20a  I20b  I20c  I21a  I21b  I21c  I21d  I21e 
341 I22a  I22b  I22c  I23a  I23b  I23c  I23d  I24a  I24b  I24c  I25a  I25b  I25c  I25d  N01a  N01b  N01c  N01d  N01e  N02a 
361 N02b  N02c  N02d  N02e  N03a  N03b  N03c  N03d  N03e  N04a  N04b  N04c __ N04d  N04e  N05a  N05b  N05c  N05d  N05e  N06a 
381 N06b  N06c  N06d  N06e  N07a  N07b  N07c  N07d  N07e  N08a  N08b  N08c  N08d--|8e|--N09a  N09b  N09c  N09d  N09e  N10a  N10b 
401 N10c  N10d  N10e  N11a  N11b  N11c  N11d  N11e  N11f  N12a  N12b  N12c  N12d  N12e  N13a  N13b  N13c  N13d __ N13e  N14a 
421 N14b  N14c  N14d  N14e  N15a  N15b  N15c  N15d  N15e  N16a  N16b  N16c  N16d  N16e  N17a  N17b  N17c  N17d  N17e  N18a 
441 N18b  N18c  N18d  N18e  N19a  N19b  N19c  N19d  N20a  N20b  N20c  N20d  N20e  N21a  N21b  N21c  N21d  N21e  N22a  N22b 
461 N22c  N22d  N22e  N23a  N23b __ N23c  N23d  N23e  N24aa*N24b  N24cc N24d  N24e  N25a  N25b  N25c  N25d  S01a  S01b  S01c *
481 S01d  S02a  S02b  S03a  S03b  S03c  S03d  S03e  S04a  S04b  S04c  S04d  S05a  S05b  S05c  S05d  S06a  S06b  S07a  S07b 
501 S07c  S08a  S09a  S09b  S09c  S09d  S09e  S10a  S10b  S10c  S10d  S10e __ S11a  S11b  S11c  S11d  S12a  S12b  S13a  S13b 
521 S14a  S14b  S14c  S15a  S15bb*S15c  S15d  S15e  S16a  S16b  S16c  S16d  S16e  S17a  S17b  S18a  S18b  S19a  S19b  S20a *
541 S20b  S20c  S20d  S20e  S21a  S21b  S21c  S21d  S22a  S22b  S22c  S22d  S22e  S23a  S24a  s24b  S25a  S25b