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--AWS-- Garr - Lopez - Nilsson - Henry - Mangalam - Welcome to HPC at UCI / OIT -- High Performance Computing Cluster Office of Information Technology - Joseph A. Farran: HPC LEAD, HPC Architect Expert & Sys Admin - Harry J. Mangalam: HPC Data Storage Expert & Sys Admin - Garr E. Updegraff: DB Expert & Part-time Sys Admin]

AWS galaxy instance

Rmodel      coef	stdcoef	VIF hcpval  bootpval star	Dependent var='v235': Mean Size Local Communities				
(Intercept) 5.3989	NA       NA     0.0000	0.0000	***	(Intercept)			
v1 -------- 0.5803	0.3114	1.0922	0.0000	0.0000	***	Intercommunity Trade as Food Source				
v3 -------- 0.7277	0.5740	1.1419	0.0000	0.0000	***	Agriculture- Contribution to Local Food Supply				
Wy -------- 1.0216	0.2655	1.1337	0.0000	0.0000	***	Network lag term

Hi Doug

  • Matt Paulin (cc'd) is a friend of mine who has a software consulting company who may be able to help you move your academic web site to AWS or another location where it can be maintained indefinitely. Assuming you are still interested in moving forward on that, I'd suggest setting up a call and you two can discuss more in depth.

&best, Scott White

Phone call Eric Stu Dao Jon - Garr E. Updegraff <>

Queries for Jon: could you comment or make suggestions? what means java 'dbean libraries'?

HM=Harry Mangalam AWS Francisco Lopez - jaz on XSEDE - backend remove job submitter - UCI or XSEDE class in China - also BNlearn - centOS --- CentOS wiki --- dbean libraries(?) - depth - port not continued - HM=Harry - to what extent are we submitting jobs (to:) XSEDE is a requirement - if Carly(?) does work that Eric has operated - HB: Comet - problem is dataset is on Comet - Eric - data - not large - might be minimal - --- egress AMAZON Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) provides scalable computing capacity in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Using Amazon EC2 eliminates your need to invest in hardware up front, so you can develop and deploy applications faster. You can use Amazon EC2 to launch as many or as few virtual servers as you need, configure security and networking, and manage storage --- getting friendly for universities - Scenic network - no cost - free at Amazon. If allocation spins up a cluster, worth it -- is it worth it for cloudman? - Eric - not updated from Comet - Paul has a newer version. Good news: can up-data on comet itself,replace the file itself - how one does that? Reference point. Simple update code. Paul - will support it - we'll pay for that human? What UCI manpower needs are.

Jon: there's a way to setup as a VM on comet (Eric): schedule with course - if you want ad-hoc... Gateway - jobs to compute ... 2 ways: run on portal post or submit to Comet ... Portal on UCI system - minimal - all go to Comet - run on Amazon - local exec ... larger instance 2 - cloudman - HB: --- HPC system here at UCI --- additional instances - remote execution call. HB preference is upgrade local instance - web front end - posts HPCs or Comet - can arrange scheduler, lead time on the class.

GARR Garr Updegraff <> + 1 Undegrad research computing research support bioinformtaic already - SGE - modification at SDSC runs slush. Written document (Eric) --> will write this. Techical contact - Nancy Wilkins-Diehr. Send to Harry. UCI is the VM. Operations. --- Globus separate --- Stu - lots of universities installing - HB main file transfer... ... distributed --- adding parts of that -- lately - globus sas - sharing - sharing of data - distributed and shared data. TALK TO HM. Groups. Globus OFF - XSEDE DOING THIS, can outsource that -- beside the... - integrate - portal - API - 160 chunks too complex. For integration - can be daunting. RPMS linux rpms toolkit - SAS not there. Sharing stuff -, your users have accounts - at your system thru unix. At UCI - when sharing - delegate to them directly without them having accounts !! outsourcing integration for direct accounts. Globus is a multiconnect (transfer). Not trivial - lots of time and pain. Has been codified.

Document from  Eric - 
XSEDE applications to Comet - if it (Xsede?) runs at UCI - part of the gateway - only certain users able to run - in gateway ... 
New Business - Eric writing Doc. this week. Will send to me -- Paul, Harry.
Report - then handoff to Harry Mangalam can he ask you - Eric would deal with it... a.s.a.p.
Eric is the person to ask in near term ... not a whole lot on time on i...  can answer questions occassionally. 

LESSONS TO LEARN : Netflix site -

 Harry Mangalam 1 (949)-285-4487 ; 858-824-6345 Dao Vuong    ---   Jonathan Nilsson 949-824-1536   AWS   Duncan Phipps  
 Francisco Lopez Lopez  1 949 824-8818, researcher for galaxy HPC but might not work    user comment line  R library    OIT  Eric Stu    hpc 
Summary of the CloudMan architecture 
No need for an external broker 
Automated configuration 
Minimum setup time and cost 
Data persistence 
Built-in support for managing the oscillating data volume 
Customizable instances: CloudMan as PaaS 
Versioning of tools, data, and configurations 
Jonathan email to Stephen at UCI
The AWS Cloudman Galaxy instance is running at this URL
username: ubuntu
password: C0SSciGuardians (the second character is a 'zero')
You can use the same credentials to SSH to the server:
Best, Jonathan Leung-Nilsson

Dao: AWC account: 081199430569

Amazon Web Services free for first year -- 1000-Genomes Project sits on AWC

alternatives | Digital Ocean | Rackspace | Clouder / Slicehost /

AWS account

After creating your AWS account you can use any of the 21 products and services, listed below, for free within certain usage limits.

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Amazon S3

Highly scalable, reliable, and low-latency data storage infrastructure. Learn More » 5 GB of Standard Storage 20,000 Get Requests 2,000 Put Requests


Amazon DynamoDB Fast and flexible NoSQL database with seamless scalability. Learn More » 25 GB of Storage 25 Units of Write Capacity 25 Units of Read Capacity

Enough to handle up to 200M requests per month

AWS Lambda New AWS Free Tier Offer Compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources Learn More » 1,000,000 free requests per month Up to 3.2 million seconds of compute time per month


AWS Key Management Service New AWS Free Tier Offer AWS Key Management Service is a managed service that provides easy encryption with administrative controls. Learn More »

Email from ECS

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