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Author(s) Doug White and anonymous edits

EduMod Purpose

These are self-organizing educational software projects for data analysis that can be cut and pasted for execution, or copied onto new wiki pages and modified for execution of new variants and applications.

Thus, every EduMod page has:

  1. A key article on the referring page that discusses the question, the data, the methods, and the actual software.
  2. Links to the actual data for download or automatically linked by urls that load it into the program.
  3. Instructions for the free program packages (e.g., from R) to be installed.
  4. Cut and paste from this wiki of the program instructions and data that need to be run.
  5. The results expected from running these program instructions and for these data.
  6. Discussion of the meaning of the results.

The educational value of EduMod pages is that example of a different types of analysis can actually be run (the Edu component)

The creative (Mod: modification) value is that elements of the analysis can be changed and run.
Each new experiment can be given its own page(s) by the user, and become new EduMod pages when the experiment is finished through documentation.

Finished pages

An EduMod page (by any contributors) may be labeled as potentially finished (although later edits may still be done) or open for experiment by affixing to its main page the following internal edits (shown with edit markups):

  • [[Category:EduMod]]
  • [[About this EduMod Page#Examples]]

Then add the [[Title of the main page]] to the list of examples below.

See the EduMod project.

List of Examples

First three projects are relatively complete, others in process

Autoregressive regression

Network analysis

Fitting q-exponential distributions instead of power laws

See: Tsallis q distribution project#Warka_late_Uruk_site_sizes (Uruk=modern Warka) in
Babylonian Mesopotamia
Distribution-fitting Practicum with Archaeological site data
  • Fitting city size distibutions
Tsallis q historical cities and city-sizes