Acatlán, Veracruz highlands

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Jump to: navigation, search Este es todavía el pueblo mas bello que he conocido; durante seis meses en 1958 hice entrainamiento etnológico‎ trabajando con los estudiantes del la Universidad de Veracruz y sus prófes. Tienes mucha suerte, Clau, en trabajar allí para tu doctorado con una gente estupenda.

Google map (Doug stayed at the corner two blocks west of the SW corner of the church)

Acatlan Dancers 2011, street by the church

Foto de una danza típica de Acatlán, 2010. Tnks again! - Claudia Bautista Monroy's Photos. These dancers are much the same as those of the Fiesta of the miraculous Virgin that our Xalapa (U.Veracruz) fieldwork team studied in 1962. Will make a good study of social change for Claudia Bautista Monroy!

Claudia Bautista Monroy commented on her Facebook post: Claudia wrote: "Estoy a punto de iniciar mi trabajo de campo. Por cierto, algunos doctores están leyendo su tesis, les parece muy interesante."

Acatlán, Veracruz, is the village where I (Doug White) did 8 months of ethnographic fieldwork under the sponsorship of James L. Gibbs, U of M, and the field supervision of Marcelo Diaz de Salas and Jose Luis Reyes, Anthropology professors at the University of Veracruz. This resulted in an Honors thesis titled

"The Fiesta of the Virgin del los Remedios"

Claudia Bautista Monroy is now doing fieldwork there

Field notes 1962

I made a list of the Field notes done by me and the students of Salas and Reyes. Study of the Fiesta began 7-26-1962 and ran thru the days of the fiesta

Field team

Douglas R. White
Asuncion Gaspar pp 1-43
Vengamin Salas p 44
pp 45-48-57 English
DRW w/sketch pp 58-61
1p questionnaire
DRW Summary 1-21
Index of fieldnote pages by topic
DRW Notes on additional Student narratives
Elvia Flores

FIELDNOTES COPY Isidro Rojas pp 1-4

pp 29-32 nearly illegible "photocopy"
Isabel Lagarriga  pp 1-33
 "           "  pp14-19
Prof Miguel Angel Vigueras - Danzas.etc. 8pp
Elvia Flores 14pp?
Francisco Cordoba pp 1-53
Pedro Chiconquiaco 1-35?? ends with 2pp short Totonac vocabulary


Circa 500 Voter (Electores) List typed of participants in the 1961 election
DRW Census, ages

Other papers

THERE FOLLOW ANOTHER 100 pp on other themes and towns, Student papers. e.g. from Field notes of 1954

Maria Ojeda Villalobos . 1954

Kinship and census

Did you receive my news that I have a full 1961 census of the names and ages of Acatlan residents? With that you could do a simple kinship network census back to 1961: just build two lists consecutively, one that assigns as you go along in the census with unique IDnumbers starting with 1 and another in an excel spreadsheet that has name and IDnumber for ego, then only the IDnumbers for mother, father and 1 or more spouses of every person. After the name of ego only, indicate gender and and age. Since every one who is a Mo, Fa, Husband or Wife is eventually listed as an egos, names and gender are listed only once, and the whole census is very compact. Then interview for the mothers and fathers: who are their mothers and fathers? Then you work back to who are mothers and fathers of those ancestries until you reach as many as possible of the ancestors of the 1961 census.

I did this for the town of Sta. Maria de Belen in Tlaxcala. It makes for a very useful network analysis of kinship, see recent paper by Schnegg and White