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Editorial Assistant, Social Sciences
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Feb 10 2017
*I've attached a file which shows list of files which I have received and consider this as final version. Kindly let me know if I am wrong.
Introduction is still pending and will be submitted by next week. Also, could you please let me know whether you would like 
to use preface which was earlier submitted or would like to write a new one?
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Silvy Achankunju


Pleasure to meet you!

Silvy Achankunju will assist us in publishing the book. The processing of all chapters will be in her possession at a single go.

Please feel free to contact in case of any queries.

Silvy Achankunju Project Editor Professional Practice and Learning Tel: 91 (0)44 4395 0516 Email:

The latest content preparation advice for our authors can be found at

10 Feb EMAIL 2017 This is a draft of our Introductory chapter - as you find needs for changes, it will complete the book, in any case please make changes, add your name as coauthor, please fix Table 1 as needed (my computer makes poor Tables and Figures); add what you like, including new figures or tables; once its finished (its the last chapter to complete) we can submit for the book (other chapters are by author authors). So please give it a full reading, add/change the text as you like to increase the quality of the chapter, additional Dow-Eff discussions, etc. Thanks. Your involvement in this chapter id important for the quality of the book.

All the best,