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Addiel U. de Alba

Short Bio

I am a Conacyt awarded scholar, complexity scientist and interdisciplinary audiovisual artist. My current research explores complex systems in biology. I am qualified to a graduate level in biology, biomedical imaging, MEMS devices, artificial life simulation, complex biological systems, network modeling and evolution, non-linear dynamics and mathematical chaos from various institutions such as UCI, UCLA and the New England Complex Systems Institute. My current research and master thesis project is an electronically instrumented insect colony (a real custom design observational bee hive) modeled through the perspective of non-linear dynamics and computation. This provides insight in biological collective behavior and bioregulation. Artistically, my past work is related to the creation and engineering of sound and visual computer graphics, exploring new methods for the generation of embodied experiences and sensations. My practice is particularly concerned with re-framing audiovisual abstract composition by using pure mathematical methods within the discipline of chaos and complex systems. I have exhibited my artistic and technological work in different states in Mexico and at museums or technology venues in California, for example the Orange County Museum of Art and Cal-IT2 at UCI. My main research and artistic work utilizes biological systems and artificial life representations to explore interactions among different functional physical entities (organic and synthetic). I have practiced sound engineering for the past ten years while pursuing academic scientific training, and hold a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the ITESM Campus Guadalajara, Mexico. I am a candidate of the Master of Science in Engineering, Arts Computation Engineering (ACE) trans-disciplinary research graduate program at the University of California Irvine with Electrical Engineering and Computer Science interdisciplinary affiliation.

Current Projects

Data Visualization of self-regulated temperature control inside a real beehive at the ACE trailers in UCI

Project Description: The project consists of a custom design observational bee hive. The bee hive is instrumented with electronic temperature sensors and heat generators inside the hive. The data is visualized in a three dimensional space in the MATLAB programming platform. The computing system is used as connected to the heat generators and apply simple algorithms to affect the temperature inside the hive in language response to the present conditions.

The interaction between the computer and the bees is studied and documented.

This project is about exploring, experimenting , proving and addressing the next arguments and goals:

      Philosophically and Scientifically.
       1. There are parameters of organization in life and in nature itself , these are not rules or laws,
           there are simply degrees of organization that have evolved during the existence of material
           or particle interactions.
       2. That some of the processes of life could be replicated by means of integrating systems
           made of simple components regardless of the material nature of these components, their
           chemical constitution or category.
       3. There is no esoteric intervention in the essence of this dynamic processes that made the
           living what it is. Therefore we can interconnect and made the “living” interact with the
           inorganic creating a successful closed and functional relationship.
      Artistic goals.
  1. The goal is to provide experiences involving the human body and organs in the interpretation of
      information emphasizing the need of embodied experiences to achieve pleasant cognition and
  2. Sound, images and sensations as well as other components of our sensory system are essential
      parts of the process of cognition and are not well exploited in the understanding of complex

ACE Bee Hive At outer window.jpg ACE Bee Hive At Trailer.jpg Frame2SideB(QueenBottom)feb08(s).JPG

Artistic Projects