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SCCS 019: Ashanti (Af03) - Af03 Ashanti (SCCS 019)

Ajume Wingo <>. 2006. Akan Philosophy of the Person.; Akan selective Reincarnation Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Poor source: Norman C. McClelland. download pdf: Encyclopedia of Reincarnation and Karma. Google book p11. Author McClelland (Zen master and independent scholar) has compiled information on reincarnation and karma from “the very naïve, sometimes absurd and quite subjective to the very scholarly and objective.” Topics such as Cleopatra syndrome (which explains why people want to have been Cleopatra rather than some other powerful woman in history), Heaven’s Gate, Kabbalah, Monism, and Theosophy are covered if they touch, even tangentially, on reincarnation or karma. There are also entries on fraud and even some dry humor, as in the entry Going lilac, about people who are more interested in their past lives than their present. Still, McClelland is a believer, and he includes an entry about his own possible connection to William the Conqueror. Entries range from a few lines to several pages and do not have source citations, although there is a 15-page list of print sources consulted. There are several errors. For example, Christian writer Origen is referred to as Origin wherever cited. In the entry on Saddam Hussein (included because he considered himself to be the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar II), Hussein is spelled Hussien. This is a book that only larger public libraries or those with a deep New Age collection need consider. Academic libraries supporting popular religion courses might also consider it. --Kathleen Stipek

About the Author

Norman C. McClelland is a retired teacher, independent scholar, and a Zen dharma master, ordained by the Venerable Karuna Dharma, Abbess of the International Buddhist Meditation Center of Los Angeles. He is a published poet and author of a chapter on Zen in an anthology on gay spirituality. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

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