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Alvin W. Wolfe 2011. Anthropologist view of social network analysis and data mining. Social Network Analysis and Mining Journal 1(1)

Alvin Wolfe. 2006. Book review: DOUGLAS R. WHITE AND ULLA JOHANSEN, Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems: Process Models of a Turkish Nomad Clan (Oxford, U.K.: Lexington Books, 2004). Pp. 497. International Journal of Middle East Studies vol.38 no.4 (pp.603-605)

"White and Johansen have produced what could be the most important book in anthropology in fifty years." "Whether the reader is interested in kinship, in economics, in politics, or in history, this book might be considered must reading.... The book begins with an introduction to network analysis in relation to ethnography, providing a succinct history of network thinking, including recent developments in various disciplines about network topology and dynamics. The authors point out that 'taking a network path to coding and analysis' in ethnography leads to the ability to understand the emergence of social structural phenomena that would otherwise remain unobserved."