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The goal of this project is to study the political, religious, military and business offices held by those Americans listed in the book Kinships among American Presidents, by Gary Boyd Roberts (and eventually: others in our database), for the colonial and revolutionary period. Lists of colonial Governors, of descendants from British Aristocracy, and of participants in the American revolution will be especially relevant (in the next stage we will collect a reference bibliography).

To begin, taking pages from Robertís book and working down from the early immigrants to America (ignoring for the moment the links back to Britain, for example), we highlight the names of the founding ancestors on each page of his Appendix, which contains our initial data or starting point. Then we use a search engine for on-line family tree data: (or try or

p. 181 (I will give you these pages) contains a good example for establishing our procedures: here are listed a common ancestry for Washington, Roosevelt, Bush and Coolidge, through Spencer family ancestry (this is probably also the noble Spencer family from which Princess Diana is descended). Four founding ancestors need to be highlighted: John Washington 1634, John Nelson 1654, Anne Harbury 1591, and William Goddard 1630 (the dates are births). Using we enter John Washington 1634 in appropriate fields, and find 7 entries, each married to the correct wife. We see he was born in England, so this in an appropriate place to begin, just to get birth and death dates as identifiers. Click on the appropriate wifeís name to see if we can work down to George Washington: as in our page from Roberts book, we see her child was Lawrence, his wife was Mildred, their son was Augustine, his wife was Mary and their son was George Washington. At each step, you should paste the appropriate place names and dates into a spreadsheet file, organized with columns for last, first and middle names, bdates, bplace, death date and place of death, and biographic data. Later in this sample search we will look for biographical data, ideally in

Lets useÝ to search for "John Washington" 1634: we get 15 matches. The fist is a great source, . It doesnít take us to the right link, but at the bottom of the page we have ìReturn to Table of Contents,î so going there and looking up surnames and names, we find paydirt with the biographic data (at least the titles, Colonel and Captain, below) that we want (the following are father and son entries): (Note that I am cutting and pasting from the websites listed, which is the appropriate attribution but the sources are to be found there):
  • John WASHINGTON(1) was born in 1692 in Bridges Creek, Westmoreland, Virginia. He died in Virginia. He has reference number 9PJX-NP. Parents: (Captain) Lawrence WASHINGTON and Mildred WARNER .
  • The file also says, but I snipped it out as irrelevant to our study: He was baptised into the LDS church on 10 Sep 1943. He was endowed on 8 Apr 1946. He was sealed to parents on 19 Apr 1946. (This is a common practice of LSD, not to be confused with events during his lifetime)
  • (Captain) Lawrence WASHINGTON(1) was born in Sep 1659 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was born in Sep 1659 in Bridges Creek, Westmoreland, Virginia. He died in Feb 1696/97 in Warner Hall, Gloucester County, Virginia. He died on 30 Mar 1699 in Bridges Creek, Westmoreland, Virginia. He has reference number 1G40-FM. Parents: (Colonel) John WASHINGTON and Anne POPE.

Other than the titles, however, this website contains only dates and names, and not biographical data. Going back to the eighth website in the listing is very pertinent to our study, and has under a search for WashingtonÝ
Notes for Col. John WASHINGTON:
Settled in VA 1656. Member Va. House of Burgesses. Immigrant.
The eleventh google source is ok, but has no biographies, only dates and names. The fifteenth is the same: names and dates. We have now finished this line. And ready to go to another line: John Nelson 1654

All this is ignoring the British or other forebears before immigration. A second stage will access these same genealogies, on the web, and work from the first immigrants backwards to identify British nobility or high status families there or elsewhere. A third phase will check sourcebooks of colonial officeholders in the library (e.g., Governors) and participants in the American Revolution and check whether they are in our existing datafile. THE GEDCOM FILE: SAMPLE OF STRUCTURE 0 @I1@ INDI 1 NAME HENRY SQUIRE 1 BIRT 2 DATE Abt. 1563 2 PLAC Carlton Mackroll, Somerset, England 1 SEX M 1 FAMS @F1@ 0 @I140@ INDI 1 NAME ANNE MARBURY 1 BIRT 2 PLAC Rhode Island founder 1 TITL Royal Descent 1 SEX F 1 FAMS @F97@ 1 FAMC @F96@ 0 @I23@ INDI 1 NAME JOHN HOLBROOK 1 TEXT could #303, # 915 1 SEX M 1 FAMS @F15@ 1 FAMC @F9@ 0 @I33@ INDI 1 NAME JOHN ADAMS JR. 1 OCCU U.S. President 1 RELI (religion) 1 PROP (properties) 1 CAST ("born into" groups) (our sample variables?) 1 EDUC 1 NATI (national origin) 1 SEX M 1 FAMS @F23@ 1 FAMC @F16@