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Good morning,

How have you and Lilyan been, Doug?! How are Scott and his family? Do you have more grandchildren? How are things at UC Irvine? I wanted you to be the first to know that I’m getting close to concluding my PhD training at UC Merced.You have been on my mind because I’m very grateful for all you’ve done throughout my adult life to keep me inspired about a research career. During my time at UC Merced, I became very enamored with academia. Originally, I imagined my self going back to Kaiser Permanente to be in one of their research and evaluation programs. However, my time at UC Merced has allowed me to be more in touch with how much I enjoy helping young adults develop their ideas and professional goals. Particularly on that note, I applied for the UCOP President’s postdoctoral fellowship. Also, I applied for three other postdoc posts this past week—UCSF, ASU, and USC. While I’ve already gone through the stages of grief on the UCOP PPFP because it has about 2% funding (they had 800 applicants this year!), the UCSFs Tobacco Control fellowship sounds promising. One of my committee members, Anna Song, has gone much up to bat for me so that they seriously consider me. So all going forward! I hope that all is terrific with you and yours. With kind regards/~Arturo

Arturo Durazo
Ph.D. candidate
Health Psychology
University of California, Merced
5200 North Lake Road, SSM #271-5A
Merced, CA  95344
UCM Website
Phone/Text: (209) 284-4140