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Esurance Esurance  (1-800-378-7262 - 2 - 1 - 0
email:  XC90  mileage at purchase
107489   6/6/2014
108019   1/7/2015
eSurance 000944980  
Bob Sporner
3774 miles by Sept 1 2017
Auto Club

50% of all U.S. Drivers Overpay for auto insurance and this is a huge problem.

You are legally required to buy insurance but you are not required to overpay.

It takes 3-simple steps to solve the problem

Step 1) [ Start here with your zip code

Step 2) Zip through a quick 3-minute form

Step 3) [ Get your Real Price for auto insurance

If you are overpaying, it is a problem and only you can solve it, just start with step 1 Esurance Farmers

You'll have it within 24 hours, but if you call me at 858-484-4141, we can complete it right now.

That's only $1,083 for 12 months! An auto insurance representative from The Hartford is ready to help. 1-888-808-5254

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