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Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Irvine

Editorial Board, Structure and Dynamics: Anthropological and Related Sciences Our farm is named after the several hundred cliff, barn and violet green swallows who share their habitat with us in the picturesque green, sometimes golden, hills of Valley Ford, California. We are located 15 minutes from Bodega Bay, 15 minutes from the redwood-studded town of Occidental and within 5 minutes from the heart of "downtown" Valley Ford pushing a population of about 100.

When originally purchased by Benjamin “Nick” Colby, a professor emeritus of anthropology, the farm had long been in disuse and in need of TLC. Now Swallow Valley Farm has become a happy home to many healthy animals. Currently, our animal family includes cows, sheep, chickens turkeys, ducks and geese, as well as bee hives, all under the watchful eye of our hard working dogs Emma & Otis. Our dairy facility is being rebuilt. We will be specializing in artisanal sheep milk cheeses as well as cheese making classes. We have delicious strawberries in season and will be adding vegetables and other specialty crops in the coming year! We have been busy putting in hedgerows and pollinators in some of the fields to maximize the kind of biodiversity that a real organic farm needs and craves! Swallow Valley Farm is organic in the truest sense of the word, although we have not yet applied for certification due to the extra cost involved.

Swallow Valley Farms combines an anthropological communitarian outlook with agricultural practices aimed at providing meat, eggs, dairy products, vegetables and fruit for restaurants, farmers markets and individual customers. We focus on organic, pastured animals and foods that are nutrient dense for people who care about quality. We plan to have a sufficient variety of agricultural products to satisfy those who follow special diets whether raw food, Paleo, calorie restricted or other dietary regimes hopefully those based on science rather than fad. We sell our products directly at the farm and at various farmers markets and we encourage our customers to come out, take in a breath of fresh air, enliven your senses and experience our farm in person!

22 publications among many others listed in ResearchGate

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