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ISBN: ROAD, the Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources

15543374 ISBN  Road = Resources of Open Access Scholarship

eScholarship: Raising the Visibility of Your eScholarship Journal

Justin Gonder

Thanks for passing this along, Doug.

We've received a couple of messages like this, which suggests to us that the "Select Issue" drop-down menu on our journal pages is not a sufficient mechanism for readers to explore a journal's full range of content. We will definitely keep this in mind when we re-design journal landing pages, which we aim to do within the next year.

So far as indexing your journal in external databases goes, we are happy to work with you on getting your journal indexed in DOAJ, however DOAJ's requirements for indexing are currently under revision. We are monitoring that situation closely, and once the new inclusion criteria are set, we will initiate an outreach campaign to help all of our journals meet those criteria.

One requirement that we know that they are likely to introduce is the requirement that all journals assign a Creative Commons license to their content. You should have received (recently) some communications from my colleague Katie Fortney regarding how to choose the best CC license for your journal. If you missed those communications, I'd be more than happy to put you in touch with her again for guidance. We also have some information (including an FAQ) regarding Creative Commons licenses at the URL below:

Thanks again for keeping us in the loop on these kinds of issues. Please let me know if I can assist further.

Kind regards,

-justin gonder