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U High

St Petersburg Fl 33714 Bill Morse. 727-215-7426 Morse <>, Bill Morse@<> and Bessie (Twin: Butch Weckerlie)

DSC06168.JPG We are scout Advisors, not scoutmasters. The kids run the unit and we try to enable their plans. We meet every Wednesday night and Sunday from 10 til 4. We race our yacht club's 16.5 ft keel sloops or Sunfish class boats. I am part of the race committee, the idea being to train the scouts in sailing fast, making good starts, and knowing and respecting the collision rules. We also conduct classes in seamanship and other nautical subjects. We do sailouts for weekends and one annual 10 day trip. The group is co-ed until the long trips, then we divide by sexes. In 2015 I took 4 girls and a female advisor on my 35 ft Ericson sloop to the Dry Tortugas islands, about 180 miles south of St Pete, then we went east 60 miles to Key West, then home. Our Sea Scout "Ship" (not "Troop") has about 25 young people age 13 to 21, about 9 or 10 show up for any meeting. The sailouts attract 10-15. Tho they can stay until they are 21, they usually stop coming when they go off to college. Our next big trip destination is a large island to the south, tho the recent election of conservative political forces may quash that idea. I'm going to hope that we can at least get to the Bahamas in May.

I have also been elected to the Vice commodore position at my yacht club. Not a lot to do except go to a lot of meetings. There is a board meeting the first Monday of each month, then the general membership meeting the third friday. My several vacations this year will have to fit between meetings - with maybe one exception for Scout sailouts.

    I still hope I can get out to Sunny Cal to see youse guys, but when I don't know.  See Ax...Axilrod
    Reef early!     wm
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On Fri, Nov 25, 2016 at 9:38 AM, Bill Morse <>, Bill> and Bessie (Twin: Butch Weckerlie):

I'm just back after a week in Reston Virginia. My cousin died after a long bout with Cancer. We helped her kids pack up her apartment, and we (actually, Bessie) helped arrange the memorial service. My cousin was my surrogate big sister, without the sibling rivalry. She was a medical professional who went direct from diagnosis to acceptance, with out the interim steps delineated by Kubler Ross. It was a surprise to hear her talk about her death in such a matter of fact way. An inspiration for the rest of us. Hope your health is good. Merry Christmas!

So sorry my surrogate state went for Trump. What a mess we're in. Now us old DFLers have to go thru 4 years (8?) of frustrating anger at our own government, reminiscent of those rich-with-passion years with Lyndon Johnson & Nixon at the helm. I did not want to spend my dotage in constant turmoil. I'm going to try to become civically disengaged. I'll scan the headlines and avoid any in depth reporting or ranting editorials. Oh well, at least we're rid of those Clintons.

After Nancy Jo discovered the presence of Charlie Dryg recently I emailed him and we had a few exchanges on the old days and the geography of Idaho. Charlie was at UHigh in 7th & 8th grades, then his family moved away. I remember being friendly with him, but not good friends. He lives in Grangeville Idaho, he's on Facebook, and supported Trump in the election. He called himself one of the deplorables in a reference, so I countered by explaining that We are all nasty women here. Well, he stopped writing back. So much for that.

Well Doug, I'll pray for your good health. Not much prayer in a curmudgeonly old fahrt, so a little will have to go a long way! wm

Egad, Doug, how did you get such bad health luck, anyway? I took you for one who would live longer than S. Marx & Asher (DW: now 77 however]. Me (Bill), after PSA numbers 8 & 9, I had my prostate biopsy in 2018 Paraphrase Samuel Johnson: The prospect of a man sticking needles into your anus tends to concentrate the mind. Thank god that's over. The worst was an hour after the procedure when the narcs were wearing off. Now wait for the biopsy results.

So we are putting together a christmas card today. I'd like to send one to you. Send me your address. This is the first xmas card in several years. We usually don't celebrate it. We are at 1850 52nd Ave North, St Petersburg Fl 33714 - which you can look up in zillow and see it as we bought it in 2012. It is now quite different, especially as a reflection of Bessie's gardening proclivities. We got the house at about 60% price on a short sale. It is about 30 ft above mean high water, a much better situation than our earlier houses around here, which were at 6 feet. Bessie Morse is on facebook if you are into that. I'm going to try to find some way to get out to Cal to see you & Ax. I will have this every-two-weeks meeting obligation that goes with being vice commodore and then probably commodore in 2018. I can fly out for 10 days. I will keep you informed.

    The only problem with dreaming about impeaching Trump is named Pence.  He might be worse.   Not a merry thought.  yrs,wm