Bobbi S. Low

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see: Elizabeth Cashdan

CV School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan

Bobbi S. Low. 1988. Pathogen Stress and Polygyny in Humans. In, HUMAN REPRODUCTIVE BEHAVIOR: A DARWINIAN PERSPECTIVE. (L. Betzig, M. Borgerhoff Mulder, and P. Turke, eds.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp. 115-127.

Bobbi S. Low. 1990. Marriage Systems and Pathogen Stress in Human Societies. AMER. ZOOL., 30:325-339.

[PDF] The Behavioral Ecology of Resource Consumption: Why Being Green is So Hard BS Low - HUMAN ETHOLOGY BULLETIN, 2014 ... 13 Are there general patterns? A cross-cultural study (Low, 1996b) of societies in the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample found that in about a third of societies (39/122) for which there were data, severe environmental degradation existed. ...

Ember, Melvin, Carol Ember, Bobbi S. Low. 2008. Comparing explanations of polygyny. Cross-Cultural Research 41:428-440.