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…Happy Thanksgiving! 2012

Douglas R. White is Anthropology’s open access and computer guru, developer of electronic journals, databases, myriad studies on human cultures and complex human system analyses and of the for studies of human complexity. He did ethnographic fieldwork in the US (Chippewa), Mexico (Totonac, Tlaxcala), and Austria (farmers) and co-directed national-level research in Ireland. He is active and retired in La Jolla, Ca., and an external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute (complexity research). He taught Anthropology at the Universities of Pittsburgh, Texas-Austin, and California-Irvine. The A. Von Humboldt Distinguished Scientist Award at Cologne and numerous awards from NSF, Ireland, France, Germany and EU projects supported his research on national policies, social cohesion, economic and kinship networks, historical dynamics, models of human groups and role systems, international and gender division of labor, and interorganizational collaboration.

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