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InterSci Authors

What is an InterSci Author or InterScitarian? Authors writing or written about in InterSci. Check the upper right-hand corner tabs of your wiki browser window . If you are logged in, you are an InterSci Author (InterScitarian?). If you add Category:InterSci Authors to your userpage, you'll show up here. Dario Nardi was the first InterSci Author to be bold enough to sign up here (now in the hundreds). Authors and Topics are two of the ways we keep track of contributions, projects, and the like.

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Core Users

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Paris ISC-PIF Complexity Summer School 2007 Participants [16]

Paris ISC-PIF Complexity Summer School 2007 Participants

Wiki Contributors: Paris ISC-PIF Complexity Summer School [17]

Wiki Contributors: Both parts: Paris ISC-PIF Complexity Summer School [19]

  • ~Diana Garcia Lopez (SPEC-CEA Saclay) Modelling epidemiological dynamics with ABMs, micro to macro.
  • ~Laurent Tambayong (Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, UC Irvine), Link formation: Networks and Games.
  • ~Amer Aladhadh "Frank" (Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, UC Irvine), Complexity, Evolutionary Game Theory, and Singularity theory.
  • ~Yihong Hu (Operations Research, Fudan University, Shanghai, China), Networks and transportation science, efficiency evaluation.

Wiki Contributors: Paris ISC-PIF Complexity (first part only) Summer School [20]

  • ~Andreas Chouliaras (3rd year undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering, National Technical Univ. of Athens-Polytechnic), Networks (communication, computer, neural, Wide Area Networks etc.) and Computer Software (Programming Languages, Algorithms and Complexity, Databases, AI, graph theory)

Faculty Wiki Contributors: Paris ISC-PIF Complexity Summer School [21]

2008 Spring 289 Seminar Users

Fall 2007 174AW Users

Fall 2008 129 Users - Kinship and Complexity

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Fall 2008 174AW Users - Human Social Complexity

Human Social Complexity and World Cultures

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