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Galaxy CoSSci Solution to Galton's problem in Social Science and Comparative Research

Group Composition in Band Societies


Native America project

Geoff Mangum - Native America project. An immense and invaluable work of scholarship that includes over 10,000 placemarks filled with historical texts, images, maps, paintings, biographies, video clips and other web objects. Of special note are the many hundreds of online history texts located to the relevant area (e.g., St Augustine FL for Spanish military and mission towns, eastern Massachussetts for King Philip's War, etc.) -- documenting in free full-text online books the many tribes, settlements, missions, wars, biogrphies, and the like from hard-to-locate references from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. It represents a full-scale attempt to document the dispossession of the original peoples of the North American continent between 1492 and 1900 in the form of Google Maps and Google Earth "placemarks". These placemarks include Native American towns and villages, tribal areas, archaeological sites, battles, trails, colonial and Indian-war forts, missions and schools, settler explorations, and many other aspects of the 400-year history.

Cultural causality

Causality project
Edu-Mod 2009-10: The Individual Studies‎ - Douglas R. White - Ren Feng - Tolga Oztan
EduMod - Douglas R. White - Ren Feng
SCCS R package install - Scott D. White
SCCS R package - Scott D. White - E. Anthon Eff
2SLS - E. Anthon Eff
Galton's problem and autocorrelation - Malcolm Dow
Causality - Judea Pearl
Causal graphs and SEM - Judea Pearl's causal graphs
Settable systems - Halbert White - Karim Chalak
Cross-cultural causality project - Douglas R. White - Scott D. White - Ren Feng - Tolga Oztan - NSF Proposal 2010 - SFI2010 project
Human Social Complexity - Causal Networks among World Cultures fall 2010 - UC Irvine students - Douglas R. White - Ren Feng - Tolga Oztan
Jajmani system transformation - Ren Feng - Tolga Oztan - Douglas R. White

Complex systems

2007 roadmap for complex systems - Paul Bourgine - Jeff Johnson
Complex Systems:Advanced Thematic Introductions - David P. Feldman


See - Econophysics Forum

Education in data analysis

EduMod: Research examples and learning MODifications

Cross-cultural research

E. Anthon Eff
Malcolm Dow
James W.Dow
Douglas R. White
Galton's problem and autocorrelation
Imputing the data

Autoregressive data analysis

E. Anthon Eff
Malcolm Dow
Sarah Baitzel
Galton's problem and autocorrelation
Imputing_the_data#Eff_and_Dow and autoregression models

Cohesive blocking in Network Analysis

Peter McMahan
James Moody
Douglas R. White
Cohesive blocking
Structural cohesion

Fitting network degree distributions

About_this_EduMod_Page#List_of_Examples set 3.1
Douglas R. White
Cosma Shalizi
Haifeng Du
Fitting Degree Distributions for Chinese Migrant Networks

Archeaological site size and urban distribution analysis

About_this_EduMod_Page#List_of_Examples set 3.2
Douglas R. White
Cosma Shalizi
Constantino Tsallis
Celia de Jong
Tsallis q distribution project#Warka_late_Uruk_site_sizes (Uruk=modern Warka) in Babylonian Mesopotamia
Distribution-fitting Practicum with Archaeological site data]

Fitting city size distributions

About_this_EduMod_Page#List_of_Examples set 3.2
Douglas R. White
Cosma Shalizi
Constantino Tsallis
Natasa Kejzar
Laurent Tambayong
Tsallis q historical cities and city-sizes

Journal and book summaries, general organization

InterSciWiki:Community Portal - Douglas R. White -- Current events -- Structure and Dynamics contents -also- Wikisysop -
Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems - Douglas R. White


Peter McMahan has completed instructions for his R implementation in iGraph of Cohesive blocking - following the James Moody & Douglas R. White 2003 measure of Structural cohesion used by Walter W. Powell and others
Community detection - Haifeng Du -- Assortative networks -- Network distances
Generative or Social-circles network model - Douglas R. White - Constantino Tsallis - Nataša Kejžar - J. Doyne Farmer - Scott D. White
Large networks - Vladimir Batagelj -- Pajek

Kinship: networks, cognition

Kinship networks

Anthropological research teams started by Michael Houseman and Douglas R. White with Klaus Hamberger and computer scientists Andrej Mrvar and Vladimir Batagelj have developed a series of major new tools and analyses that include

Puck: Programme for the Use and Computation of Kinship data
TIPP Kinship and computing - Klaus Hamberger
The P-graph/Pajek marriage census Klaus Hamberger, Douglas R. White, Michael Houseman
Software: Kinship simulation in R: Douglas R. White
Generation depth partition - Andrej Mrvar -- Pajek

Kinship cognition

Dwight Read has completed KAES: Kinship Algebra Expert System, which shows relative product logics of kin-term word and concept production
How humans construct kin terms

On-line courses

Anthropological Methods and Models 2008 - Douglas R. White
Kinship and Complexity 2008 - Douglas R. White

On-line uses, programs and tutorials in R and Matlab

Comparative_research_tools#Correlation_and_Regression_Using_Autocorrelation_in_model_specification - Anthon Eff - Pseudocde for SAR
Entailment analysis - Carter Butts - Douglas R. White (also Matlab exchange - list)
Matlab code by - Scott D. White -and- Network spring embedding in Matlab
R for networks - Carter Butts - Mark S. Handcock - Peter McMahan - Cosma Shalizi
Statnet and latentnet - Mark S. Handcock

Physics, statistics and sociology

Power-law distributions - Aaron Clauset - Cosma Shalizi
Tsallis q distribution project - Constantino Tsallis - Aaron Clauset - Cosma Shalizi
Using the new discrete estimator and producing sampling distribution plots - Cosma Shalizi
Scagnostics - Leland Wilkinson

Quantitative anthropology

Consensus analysis, Anthropac - Stephen P. Borgatti
(see above: Kinship, e.g.) TIPP Kinship and computing - Michael Houseman - Klaus Hamberger - Douglas R. White
Using R for cross-cultural Research - and - Chi-squared James W.Dow

Quantitative history

Peter_Turchin#Secular_Cycles - Peter_Turchin

Quantitative sociology

Correspondence analysis, UCInet - Stephen P. Borgatti
ETH Zurich Sociology, in particular Modeling and Simulation - Dirk Helbing


ETH Zurich Sociology, in particular Modeling and Simulation - Dirk Helbing
Social-circles network model (Generative Feedback Networks) - Douglas R. White -also- Software: Kinship simulation


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