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Chandra Mukerj, UCSD Sociology, Zack Fiske

Chandra Mukerji is known among students and scholars of culture as one of the titans of the field, primarily because she crosses intellectual and disciplinary boundaries with ease, and also because she has written so many prize-winning books that have astonished colleagues for their range and original insight. She has won the American Sociological Association s distinguished book award, the Merton Award from the SKAT section of the ASA, and the Douglas prize from the Culture section, all for different publications, but each examining important historical examples of how materiality shapes social life. In tandem with her scholarly publications, she also teaches a broad array of courses at University of California, San Diego to undergraduates where she encourages students to "theorize about culture" --examining material, social, and organizational forms in original ways. Born: October 26, 1945 (age 71), Seattle, WA

Publications "The Unintended State" in Material Powers, Patrick Joyce and Tony Bennett, eds.

The Landscape Garden as Material Culture: Lessons from France in the Oxford Handbook of Material Culture Studies

Impossible Engineering: Technology and Territoriality on the Canal du Midi

Les usages intelligents de l'ingénierie et la légitimation du pouvoir étatique

Territorial Ambitions and the Gardens of Versailles