Changing SCCS names

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Archaic		Contemporary
------          ------------
Copper Eskimo	Copper Inuit (In Alaska and Canada Eskimo considered perjorative)
Montagnais	Innu
Slave		Slavey Dene (Dene Tha’)
Bellacolla      Nuxalk
Kutenai		Ktunaxa
Huron		Wyandot
Creek		Muscogee Creek
Papago		Tohono O'odham
Hottentot       Khoikhoi

I would recommend contacting John Torres-Nez <>, who has a PhD in anthropology, and Stephen Wall <>, head of the Indigenous Liberal Studies Department at the Institute of American Indian Arts. They are both colleagues.

That said, some of the terms are really easy to update and you could contact the tribal offices for verification on preferred terms.

Copper Eskimo are more commonly known as "Copper Inuit" or "Kitlinermiut." They appear to not have a centralized government contact, so you might try contacting their individual communities.

My understanding is that Montagnais is an archaic term for Innu peoples. Here's the Innu Nation's contact information: Innu Nation P.O. Box 119 Sheshatshit, Newfoundland and Labrador A0P 1M0 Canada Phone: 709-497-8398 | Fax: 709-497-8396 <>

Slave are called to Slavey Dene to avoid confusion but call themselves Dene Tha'. The three comtemporary Dene Tha' communities can be reached here: <> or <>.

Bellacolla is an archaic term for the Nuxalk Nation. Their main website has been down for several years, but their contact info is: Nuxalk Nation Council Band 494 Mackenzie St. Bella Coola, BC V0T 1C0, Canada +1 250-799-5680 ‎

House of Smayusta, Nuxalk Nation PO Box 8. Bella Coola, B.C. Canada V0T 1C0; phone: (250) 799-5376 Email: <> Their tribal council's twitter account is: <!/nuxalknation>

For "Kutenai," "Ktunaxa" is preferred and you can contact the Ktunaxa Nation at: <>, <>, or (250) 489.2464 (Canadian phone number)

Apparently "Gros Ventres" is fine. You can contact the tribe they are enrolled in at <>, <>, or: Fort Belknap Indian Community Fort Belknap Agency RR 1 Box 66 Harlem, MT 59526

Phone: 406.353.2205 Fax: 406.353.2797

"Huron" people are more commonly known as "Wyandot" or "Wyandotte" <> or "Huronne-Wendat" <>.

Creek are more commonly called "Muscogee" or "Muscogee Creek" for clarification. Contact for the Muscogee Creek Nation: <> and their cultural preservation office is probably the best people to talk to: Muscogee Creek Nation Cultural Preservation Office P.O. Box 580 Okmulgee, OK 74447 918.732.7731 918.758.0649

Natchez are fine with being called Natchez, but if you want to contact the unrecognized Natchez Nation (they are all either enrolled in the Cherokee Nation or the Muscogee Creek Nation), their contact is: Hutke Fields <>, in northeastern Oklahoma.

"Papago" is the most offensive term on the list (except for maybe Hottentot). They are Tohono O'odham, and you can reach them at: <> or: Tohono O'odham Nation P.O. Box 837 Sells, AZ 85634 (520) 383-2028 Phone (520) 383-3379 FAX