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Hayden S. White

Movie A translation:

A "bwlah, bwlah, bwlah". Is a monster that jumps out and scares you. It eats spicy food and bananas.

The very first thing she said is that Phin (our neighbor) pushed her down and she cried. "I don't like that one"

Here's my bro

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Tooth fairy year 7 2016

On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 5:45 PM, Katie White <> wrote:

Claire had Renee over for a play date. After 2 hours it got really quiet. I couldn't find the girls, the kids bedroom door was closed I went in and they were in Claire's bed with all the blinds closed and only Claire's reading light on. I figured they had found an iPad.

But No! They were reading a book to each other, I was so delighted! -K

Age 4 Claire smiling with broken arm

Scott's photos


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