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  • Just an FYI that I've created this account for use with the website. I've been my own account to test porting the backend processing from XSEDE to UCI's local HPC cluster for the development site. I've now created this account to handle link the two systems.
  • I'll contact you again when I'm ready to migrate the production site.
  • Please let me know if you have any questions.
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  • Francisco Lopez - your HPC Cluster account is ready.


If you like Cross-cultural research it is a large field treated in this wiki
the Main Page begins at with:
click there   then at : Generic - and at - CoSSci Guide , CoSSci is short for Complex Social Science (focuses on Cross-cultural research)
look at
we'll take it from there by phone

CoSSci Guide

Nancy Wilkens-Diehr -- Stuart Martin -- Eric Blau

April 2016  : top project is Ren Feng Teaching Main_Page | CoSSci showing classroom jobs and SU student use June 2016


CoSSci_Gateway / CoSSci