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The studies at

have kinship networks AND are foragers in the Binford database THUS also in the Hamilton et al. 2007 studies of forager fractalities.

This should be an extremely interesting project that can involve any or all of the following:

Pajak for kinship analysis
Discovering why some foragers (e.g., Australian) have a fractal number of 6 rather than 4
Repast simulation of controlled baseline randomiation of marriages within generations to compare with actual marriages
Ethnographic studies available on each case study
Possible collaboration with Woodrow Denham who coded the forager kinship databases and did 2 years of fieldwork with the Alyawarra
Using the full range of Binford codes on these cases,
Using the full range of Ethnographic Atlas codes on these cases.
Any or all in lieu of the fall TAship in Kinship and Social Org: Anthro withdrew their offer for me to teach that course because of budget cuts.