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List of potential contributors to DAGs and NoVA graphs V626 Exploratory NoVA Diagrams. See Practical Hints for Running DEf from this Wiki


We can now retrieve raw imputed variables (maps, princomp, correspondence analysis, correlation matrices, etc.). Not recommended for modeling. Networks of Variables Analysis (NoVA) can be done directly from DEf on the CoSSci and from EAF1 in R. Add the following after executing one of the Dow and Eff Simple Functions

aa<-aggregate(smi[,sapply(smi,function(x) is.numeric(x))],list(smi$.id),mean) #All Imputed variables: after which
aa #gives all variables, including the depvar, e.g., valchild
aa$valchild gives the depvar e.g., "valchild"
aa$v626 gives the multiply imputed sccsA$v626

List of potential contributors involving DEf fundamentals, NoVA, and QCA


Binford dat and Cross-Database


General Question and Possibilites

Given that we now have Raw Imputed Variables, can we get Stage-2 Imputed Variables? If so