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See also Robert W. Shirley, A. Kimball Romney. 1962. Love Magic and Socialization Anxiety: A Cross‐Cultural Study. American Anthropologist 64(5):1028 - 1031.

Victor C. de Munck / PDF in ResearchGate. Invited: Doug (talk) 14:23, 29 November 2012 (PST) I am wondering whether you and Andrey, among those who collaborated with you on Romantic Love would like to

1) possibly expand the Romantic Love codes to include more SCCS societies (p.s. I couldnt determine the overlap because p275 of the 1999 article in CCR was missing in the RGate pdf - could you make me a pdf copy of that page and send it to me?). It ought to be easy to find the cross between uncoded SCCS and those of your n=75 in eHraf that remain uncoded as in pp274-276

2) use our new Dow-Eff code to do a reanalysis of Romantic Love as the dependent variable, i.e., more indepvars, on the enlarged sample.

3) publish the new article and your SCCS codes in the Str&Dyn eJournal but more importantly, in our 30-chapter Wiley Companion to Cross-Cultural Research (you'll need to get CCR journal permissions for those codes published there...) (hopefully all early draft articles in Wiley will be previously published in Str&Dyn)

The enlarged SCCS dataset and other datasets will figure in a new Social Science Gateway that we are creating with a portal to CCR databases that can be studied by new Dow-Eff code and other open source R programs configures in the Gateway.

4) Yours would be one of a dozen or so chapters that include a focus on particular topics.

-- am cc:ing other editors of the Wiley book and also Mike Fisher so we can get further feedback, suggestions, and discussion

Doug White