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Complexity summer school SFI 2015 to submit your recommendation

Network/Pajek summer school 2008

third Summer School in Methods and Techniques in cooperation with the University of Ljubljana

Network summer school at Essex

Paris ISC-PIF summer school

- all students, faculty, staff free to add/edit ==

Complex Systems Registry [1] maps restaurants [2] participants [3] 2007

Lectures (add as we go)

2007 GO TO: Human Social Dynamics: Realistic modeling of complex interactive systems -- Douglas White

(Substantialy complete for my summer lectures draft and open for review and editing or additions by others, I will be doing some moderate post-editing. For more practical and policy-oriented conclusions see drw user home page)

2007 GO TO: Hypernetworks in the Science of Complex Systems -- Jeff Johnson

I will post some relevant PDFs here on hypernetwork theory and it's application in the next few days, and my PowerPoint presentation if they are not too big.

2007 ISC PIF tiki sites: Part I, July 30-August 10: Advanced Thematic Introductions

2007 ISC PIF tiki sites: Part II, August 11-August 26: Theory and Practice

2007 Please click here to add a next set of lecture materials

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Participants Materials

Make links of your materials and others stuffs produced or shared during the workshops or the projects of the second part of the summer school.


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