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Your wiki is up and running again. No problems. The following work is completed:

Updates Oct 2012

- saved backup of files and database from version 1.10.0 - MediaWiki updated to 1.19.2 (latest). - Extension:Math added for LaTeX support (used to be built-in, now it is a separate extension) - Extension:ConfirmAccount added - Watchlists added

== How ConfirmAccount works 1) when users click the "log in / create account" link in the top-right corner, they will see this new sentence has been added: "To obtain a user account, you must request one."

2) Users are required to fill out the form to request an account. Let me know if you want to add "captcha" to this form to make it harder for spammers to submit requests.

3) Then when you are logged in, you can go to to view pending requests and confirm them.

NOTE: Part of the account request form asks users to read the terms of service, which is currently an empty wiki page. You may want to consider creating that "Terms of Service" page, so that it isn't blank.

You should also be aware of a built-in feature to view all Recent Changes (regardless of if you are "watching" the pages): Special:RecentChanges

== How Watchlists work When you view any page, one of the tabs at the top is called "Watch". Clicking this adds the page to your watchlist and changes the tab to say "unwatch". You can unwatch the page by clicking the "unwatch" link.

Go to your watchlist to view pages that have been changed since you last viewed them (note that you have to click the links for the time period that you want to watch):

To list or remove pages from your watchlist, go here:

Hopefully that is everything you need! Let me know if anything is still unclear or you want any additional work done.