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Discussion pages for Dario Nardi's talk

While interest is burning for questions, answers, and general discussions on Dario Nardi's talk tody, the wiki for complexity sciences has a Main Page with QuickStart on editing and on using the wiki for student and teacher discussions as well as ongoing classes.

On the left menu after the Main page link is the Community portal.

And then the Current events link at which the first link is that of our UC Complexity Videoconference. Go there and then click the entry for the NARDI talk. At the bottom of his abstract is "HSC Event#1 Discussion" and if you click that there is an [edit] link to click -- and let the discussions begin! There were 22 of us there today so it could be a lively discussion. These links will remain all year.

What is crucial is that anyone wanting to join the discussions (always by clicking edit-- go back to quickstart for instructions) needs first to

Login -

 and use your real name

Once you do that your login name will appear at the top of the page in RED. Red links are ones you can click to begin writing a new page, if you want to do that for your login name page, leave something about yourself. The site allows photos or graphics to be uploaded and linked into pages, external links, and spellcheck while editing (automatic with firefox).

And Dario is there to answer questions! (He can see at "Recent Changes" who has recently written something). Go to his site for a bio, and at the bottom click Category:InterSci Authors and see those who are already logged in.