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Gary M. Feinman, Anthropology, Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois - Archaeology
Lewellyn Hendrix, Sociology, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Bobbi Low, Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan
Peter N. Peregrine, Anthropology, Lawrence University
Douglas Raybeck, Anthropology, Hamilton College - Medical Anthropology, Cognitive Psychology
 Marc H. Ross, Political Science, Bryn Mawr College
Bruce Russett, Political Science, Yale University
Alice Schlegel, Anthropology, University of Arizona
Robert W. Schrauf, Applied Linguistics, Pennsylvania State University
Marshall Segall, Psychology, Syracuse University

Featured International Sociology

CCR article "Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions of Individualism and Collectivism" featured in The New York Times


Abstract: Reviewing the earlier literature on methodological issues in comparative research, the paper argues that `in terms of methodology in abstracto and on issues of research technology, most of all that needed to be said has already been published'. Yet the actual research falls short of this available knowledge. Famous publications based on comparative research are really promulgators of research artefacts. Three goals are being emphasised: (a) to counteract the tendency to reinvent the methodological wheel; (b) to help with ex post interpretations of data from cross-national research; (c) to use the difficulties and pay-offs in comparisons for substantive insights.

Thus, `Galton's problem' - treating countries as independent cases - forces an evaluation of the pervasiveness of diffusion vs. cultural/national identity. The low stability of many measures requires rethinking the meaning of one-point measurements. Comparative surveys are by implication cross-level research. Therefore, the use of country names as explanans requires theoretical notions about the nation as context for actors and institutions.


Topic of Rape

  • Ayres,B. 1974. “Bride Theft and Raiding for Wives in Cross-Cultural Perspective.” Anthropological Quarterly 47:238–252
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  • Palmer, C. T. “Human Rape:Adaptation or By-Product?” The Journal of Sex Research 28 (1991):365–386.
  • Thompson, Melissa Emery. 2009. Human rape: revising evolutionary perspectives. Chapter 14: Sexual Coercion in Primates and Humans: An Evolutionary Perspective on Male Aggression Against Females by Martin N. Muller, Richard Wrangham. Barnes and Noble.
Review of the book: In only a few species do males strategically employ violence to control female sexuality. Why are females routinely abused in some species, but never in others? And can the study of such unpleasant behavior help us to understand the evolution of men's violence against women? The book presents extensive field research and analysis to evaluate sexual coercion in a range of species - including all of the great apes and humans - and to clarify its role in shaping social relationships among males, among females, and between the sexes.
  • Sanday,P.R.“The Socio-Cultural Context of Rape:A Cross-Cultural Study.” Journal ofSocial Issues 37 (1981):5–27.

CCR Journals Issues


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