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User:Douglas R. White - Networks biosketch - D.R.W UCI home page

Current @wiki personal reminders

  1. Pro-systems network analysis
  2. SFI 2008
  3. NSF Bio Sketch for Cross-Cultural Proposals
  4. Creative Commons see example at [[1]]
  5. My freeware
  6. my twine | DRW Twine | drwhite@post.twine.com - That's if you want to send in items to a twine by email. So instead of going to Twine and clicking "add item", you compose an email and use drwhite@post.twine.com in the To: line and we will process your email and add it to the twine for you.
  7. Books to order from library
  8. Problems with SVG images Mozilla: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/svg/faq.html#source (Chad Curvin curvin at eng.utah.edu
  9. InterSciWiki Search
  11. DRW Picasa -
  12. Katie flickr
  13. picasa Scott
  14. [Q-lectives - Quality Collectives] Fp7-Ict-2007-3 David Hales Nigel Gilbert
  15. AAA membership status
  16. Structural cohesion references
  17. Indigenous Australian references
  18. Entrepreneurship, business and network references
  19. References looking for an appropriate wiki page
  20. Social network analysis
  21. Xuanzang
  22. QLectives - Camille Roth = QLectives
  23. Paris contacts Great screensave wallpaper

Past reminders

  1. DRW publisher Rowman
  2. Zurich 2008
  3. camera
  4. new Real Player html
  5. Anth 289 recordings
  6. Wikipedia:Network science <-- watch this site spin
  7. Freeman, Linton and Sue / (Susan Freeman, one of the sweetest and brightest person I've known), Lin too, DRW

Domestic cost cutting


http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=57869563635&h=VDlcK&u=3iAnw Muddy Waters



Leave 4Am Ideally Sunday, take (15 then?) 5, fast and save but snows in passes
drive to Redding, Stop at Celeste and Richard's 2472-244-503
Could cut over at San Francisco to the 101 Coast Road, come up Oregon Coast, rain and snow, 3.5 days
  • Driving home in June
take 90 South to 395 to Reno



Neighborhood http://www.seattle.gov/util/services/ Queen Anne

wifi Rick 1716 Warren Avenue N., Seattle / 6406-330-206
Cafe Bonjour
1629 Queen Anne Ave. North
Seattle WA 98109
Tel: 206 285 1125
Email: info@cafebonjourseattle.com


Anne-Marie 604 974 0224 Andrew 604 218 6047 Sandman on 1160 Davie, Vancouver


Dru White Productions YouTube videos


http://www.edwardtufte.com/tufte/ April 28 or 29 2009 www.tufte.com 1-800-822-2454





Information Science




  1. Norwich tutorial
  2. Zurich 2008
  3. CTS Conference May 19-22
  4. Harvard talk
  5. Xi'an Jiaotong University lectures
  6. China trip wiki
  7. China references

Writing in LaTex

Sony Ditex - to make pdr: /Latex / DONT INSTALL / Dvips / PdfLates

Beamer powerpoints in LaTex



Php and xml

Software, algorithms

  1. Generation depth partition
  2. Netdata60
  3. Entailment analysis
  4. Wikipedia:Derivatives
  5. KompoZer 0.7.x NVU bugfix for Web Design

Academic groups

  1. Streaming video
  2. archive of Calit2 talks
  3. Record from videos on the web!
  4. UCSD 4c Advisory (plus UCI)
  5. CalIt2 arrangements
  6. UCOP support
  7. Finish AAA news email
  8. Rockridge Institute
  9. Network research group meeting
  10. Video streaming setup
Estimating Tsallis q - 1 parameter fit -- Structural connectivity-k see Peter McMahan -- Entailment analysis -- Autocorrelation
  1. Bernard-Henri Lévy founder: (French) New Philosophy


UCI car rental


  1. Students in seminar
  2. Computer system simulation - comment on Doubleday!
  3. A new style of teaching?
  4. An invisible college
  5. Podcast how-to
  6. Kinship add a fall 08 class on Kinship and Complexity My Wikipedia:Kinship and complexity
  7. John M. Roberts talk photo J. M. Roberts

Prize papers

Political Science papers

  1. WikiSysopWikiSysop
  2. Footnotes

New MacBook Pro

  1. MacBook Pro OS 11 Tiger
  2. Pajek installation in MacBook OS X --> actually, an OS 10.5.1 Tiger  ??
  3. Latex on the Macintosh
  4. Latex on the Macintosh - i-installer - chick image - install - move to utilities - set up "projects" on desktop - installed tex from - http://tug.org/i-packages/iid/qwrelative.iid - also Ghostscript - bunch of other things there FastFourier etc
  5. http://www.uoregon.edu/~koch/texshop/installing.html
  6. Quicktime movies (also google NewMovieFromDataRef)
  7. RM,WM Recorder from url
  8. mac encryption
  9. download open office to Macbook 10
  10. install and docs for Open Office
  11. xp Xvi codex to extend quiktime for Dirk's simulations
  • click-return to rename file

Old XP

PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 and Unix platforms

New Vista Toshiba

[2] Winscp?
Google spreadsheets


Anti-Virus CyberDefender (free? or just a free trial?)
[0=plav/630&vid[0]=1&cpid[0]=85&email=&name= Safecart] $20

Media players

bought a 3-year quicktime package for $13/a year