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http://intersci.ss.uci.edu/wiki/index.php/CoSSci_Gateway - see Main Page - User:Clements

Doug W 11/23/2014 B: Suggestion

Why dont you put a link to https://www.xsede.org/web/guest/gateways-listing at the top of your https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/PublicGalaxyServers link? Clicking each gateways-listing gives a description of each project

Doug White

Doug W 11/23/2014 A

Suberb! Do you mind if I use the image on the CoSSci site (main page and elsewhere?). You are about the only person who has ever commented that I am busy busy on this mediawiki site. Would you like to grab a user request off the upper right of the main page so you can create your own pages or do edits, as at wikipedia?

Dave C 11/22/2014 A

Hi Douglas,

I was thinking of something that might grab people's attention more than a screenshot. So, unless you tell me otherwise, I'll post a revised version of the map. See attached. Please let me know if that is not what you want.

And wow, you are busy. Please do keep me posted as things happen. I have a long term plan to create a Galaxy Wiki page highlighting non-genomics uses of Galaxy. I'll let you know if and when I get that together.


Dave C CoSSciWelcome300.png

Doug W 11/19/2014 A

Here are two images, reproducible from the original at http://socscicompute.ss.uci.edu/ let me know if you need more, would be delighted to help, latest effort is to post access urls at libraries e.g., http://intersci.ss.uci.edu/wiki/index.php/SAR_Human_Galaxy - SAR is shortly implementing its own url for this (School of Advanced Research: They have an ethnographic library for the main SCCS dataset donated by the Santa Fe Institute; Next I'll be posting an SFI_Human_Galaxy - and try listing at UCSD and see if this type of announcement can be posted at different libraries with extensive collections of ethnographies, e.g., starting with Yale library, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, HRAF, etc. The actual computation, codebooks and raw R code continue to be at http://SocSciCompute.ss.uci.edu/ and http://capone.mtsu.edu/eaeff/DEf_SCCS.html.

Dave C 11/19/2014 B

Hi Douglas,

I'm looking for public Galaxy servers to feature on the usegalaxy.org slide rotation this month. Any interest in highlighting CoSSci this month or next? If so, we'll need a 300x200 pixel image to put up as a slide. If you don't have an image, I can do something with the image at https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/PublicGalaxyServers#CoSSci.


Dave C


Dave C 9/11/2013

David Clements <clements@galaxyproject.org>
Dear Dr. White,
  • I just came across the CoSSci Galaxy server at http://socscicompute.ss.uci.edu/ and I have added a draft description of the CoSSCi server to the Server list. Can you review and let me know if you want anything changed (or if you don't want it listed). I'd also like to give it a fair amount of attention in Galaxy channels such as Twitter and the monthly newsletter (which comes out next week). I really like to emphasize non-genomic applications of Galaxy whenever possible.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Dave C

Dave C 11/23/14 acquired user name

I work on the Galaxy Project for Johns Hopkins University (and formerly at Emory University), where I organize meetings and courses, prepare training materials, and improve Galaxy's documentation, wiki, and web presence. I'm also hoping to touch the (Python!) code.

Prior to working on Galaxy I ran the GMOD Help Desk from 2007-2010, where I did similar work. I am still involved in the GMOD community as a representative of Galaxy. From 2007 through 2012 I telecommuted from the Phillips and Cresko Labs in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution (IE2) at the University of Oregon. (That was the first time I got to stay in the same office while changing employers!) Since 2013 I have telecommuted from the Toomey Lab in the Department of Geological Sciences, also at the University of Oregon.