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-- I didnt know Sinatra was ever that young Polka Dots and Moon Beams -- 314-616-7006 Phone, Los Angeles

Dear Doug,

When we last corresponded, you were recovering from chemo. I am feeling horribly guilty that I’ve not been in touch to see how your are doing. When I came across lyrics to a Coltrane song that I’d thought was just an instrumental, I thought of you.

I hope all is well.

Best to you and Lilian.

David Rudner - Sat. afternoon - throes of teaching - textbook - India history - text - Mel papers Jstor - affiliated w/UCLA -
David Rudner - Sat. afternoon - throes of teaching - textbook - India history - text - Mel papers Jstor - affiliated w/UCLA - 

Dear Doug. (not date Oct 13-17th - Scott)

It’s been a busy, if not especially productive month. But that is no excuse. I’d meant to check in with you at the very beginning of September to see how you were doing and whether you felt up for a visit. Clearly, it’s too late for that now.

How does sometime in October look?

Love to you and Lilyan.


p.s. Here’s a link to a recent article in Scientific American that I thought you might like.


David Rudner - affiliated w/UCLA - throes of teaching - textbook - India history - text - Mel papers Jstor -

Pascal Boyer

See Geoffrey Hellman intro: Introduction to Nelson Goodman, The Structure of Appearance, Third Edition (Dordrecht): Reidel, 1976), pp. xix-xlvii.

Geoffrey Hellman http://www.tc.umn.edu/~hellm001/Publications/CategoricalStructuralism.pdf What is Categorical Structuralism

Geoffrey Hellman http://www.iep.utm.edu/m-struct/ Structuralism

A 50 year old 14 minute movie by Robert Redfield, "Man and His Culture". DWR comment: "Alas, ... and despite a few risible and cringe-worthy moments, I don't really see much progress over the last 50 years. Sigh."

Former (1994) Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Boston University. Current Adjunct, UCLA

Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania B.A., Reed College

Research Interests: Historical Anthropology of India, World History, Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Language, Semiotics, Evolution-like Models of Culture and Society, STS and the Sociology of Science, Banking and Commerce, Caste and Kinship, Ritual and Theater, Political Rhetoric.

West Online Books Page

Goodman Quine - See: http://www.iep.utm.edu/quine-sc/ IEP on his Philosophy of Science

See; Willard V. Quine and Nelson Goodman. 1990. The Roots of Reference (Paul Carus Lectures)

Burkhart, G. "Marriage alliance and the local circle among some Udayars of South India. In, Sylvia Vatuk. 1978. American Studies in the Anthropology of India. Paperback. Delhi: American Institute of Indian Studies.

STS = Wikipedia:Science,_technology_and_society  ??

been thinking of making you a proposal -- namely that on my next visit, we sit down for a talk about the other strand of philosophy/social modeling that figures in my project. In this case, I'm talking about modeling complex, emergent systems of social interaction, rooted in a series of formal definitions -- a sort of Principia Sociologica, if you will. My approach takes off from stuff my Dad worked on. But it parallels stuff developed by C. West Churchman and Russell Ackoff. And it bridges the gap (or so I believe) between my historical research on India and the analytic tools you've developed in your work. For these reasons, I was wondering if you would like to review and talk about Ackoff's book (with Fred Emery), On Purposeful Systems.

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