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New bio: Doug White is an Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, and Chair, Social Dynamics and Complexity at the Institute of Mathematical Behavioral Sciences at University of California, Irvine, Editor-in-Chief of Structure and Dynamics, recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt Distinguished Senior Scientist award, and serves on the external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute (complexity sciences). He does social network analysis, ethnosociology, long-term field site and historical analysis, as in his 2005 book, Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems: Process Models of a Turkish Nomad Clan (2005), with Ulla Johansen. His coauthored paper “Economic Networks: The New Challenges” appeared in Science, 2009, and his "Kinship, Class, and Community" is published in the 2011 Sage Handbook of Social Networks.!skill=monitors&waitTime=0&referrer=http%3A// live chat] FETCHED001-JFC2-5156-J009-A59V-2H05
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Social Networks journal coauthorships to 2007. "If we focus on the movements of authors within the center, that is, watch the movements of authors that are already in the center of the network, we see that Linton C. Freeman is moving around a lot in the first part of this period, signifying that he is collaborating with people working in diverse specialties. This also applies to Douglas R. White. It seems apt to conceive of them as pioneering generalists." Leydesdorff et al. 2008

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Why do I live Santa Fe?

Short Bio

I am a complexity researcher (SFI external faculty) and ethno-sociologist, or social anthropologist with broad sociological as well as comparative and ethnographic interests in human societies and global historical and contemporary processes. My PhD in Anthropology with a subfield in sociological theory was done with advisor E. Adamson Hoebel, University of Minnesota (1963-1969), although largely through the CIC Traveling Scholars Program that allowed transfer of seminar credits from the University of Michigan (1964-65), Columbia (1965-1966), and Northwestern (1966). My High School education involved an immersion school-year in Madrid (1957-58) living with two Spanish families (de Sala, Piedro). My BA involved two quarters of transfer credits for ethnographic fieldwork under supervision at the University of Veracruz in Jalapa, Mexico (1957). My graduate work focused on Mathematical Anthropology, Mathematical Psychology, and Mathematical Sociology. For a thesis in Math Anthro I used a detailed multilevel comparative complexity sciences approach to studying intrasocietal and intersociety networks in a continuous-region of 90 adjoining societies (1963-69) with high variation in social organization. I tested the hypothesis that cross-cutting (cohesive v. segmentary) network integration in each of several forms would all be predicted by high cooperativity in productive economic tasks (see my page on my extension of Louis Guttman's Radex theory of complex interactions). The hypothesis worked, and formed a basis for further work on social networks as a general theoretical approach to social organization and sociopolitical as well as economic institutions. My studies in Anthro and Math Psych as U Michigan (1964-65) provided training with Frank Harary in network and graph theory, with Louis Guttman in multidimensional and discrete-structure scaling, and with Clyde Coombs in unfolding theory and math modelling of diversity in preferences. Studies with Paul Lazarsfeld, Neil Henry, and others at Columbia at the Bureau of Applied Social Research provided training in a large array of topics in Mathematical and Applied Sociology.

eJrnl logo Structure and Dynamics; credit Krempel and Schnegg
I began teaching at the University of Pittsburgh (Anthropology, with involvement also in Sociology) in 1967, finished the PhD in 1969, and continued from 1976 to the present as a Professor at the School of Social Sciences, University of California, Irvine. I chair a research group on Social Dynamics and Complexity and led a multicampus videoconference series in Human Social Complexity, supported by a faculty appointment in the Institute of Mathematical Behavioral Sciences. The years of my 1990-92 Distinguished Senior U.S. Scientist Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation were largely spent at the Institute of Ethnology, Cologne, and the Maison Suger and EHESS (Center for Advanced Studies), Paris, and a third of my time since then was spent at various European research institutes and universities. I have worked extensively since 1999 at the Santa Fe Institute for Studies in Complexity and am currently on their external faculty. I serve on several professional societies that run the Complex Systems conferences in Europe and Internationally, taught in the 2007 Paris ISC PIF Complexity summer school, am an active Wikipedian and one of the Anthropology editors at Citizendium. I am Editor-in-Chief Structure and Dynamics eJournal and the editor and sysop of the

Current teaching and research

UCI courses Fall-Winter-Spring (may be taken multiple times, 1-9 quarters, 1.33 credits per quarter)

  1. Courses: Networks and Complexity (open for enrollment)
  2. Seminars: Networks and Complexity (open for enrollment)

Fall 2008

  1. Fall Course 174AW Human Social Complexity and World Cultures T,Th 12:30 pm to 1:50 pm in SST 155
  2. Fall Course 129 60230 Kinship and Complexity T,Th 3:30-4:50 Rm ELH 110 requested
  3. one of these two
  4. Spring 2009 Seminar Network Theory and Social Complexity
  5. Spring 2009 Seminar Anthropological Methods and Models 2008 (in revised format) (taught at UCSD, UCI students by interactive video)

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Research: Networks and Ethnography; Network dynamics and simulation; historical and urban dynamics. Eurasia: 870 CE - 2070 CE. Mexico: 1500 CE - 2070 CE.


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