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Douglas Richie White.

A complexity researcher (SFI external faculty) and ethno-sociologist, or social anthropologist with broad sociological as well as comparative and ethnographic interests in human societies and global historical processes. PhD in Anthropology and a subfield in sociological theory with advisor E. Adamson Hoebel, University of Minnesota. Involved the CIC Traveling Scholar Program with transfer of credits from Michigan, Columbia, and Northwestern Universities. High school education involved a year in Madrid with Spanish families. A BA involved two quarters of transfer credits for ethnographic fieldwork under supervision at the University of Veracruz in Jalapa, Mexico (USA Sponsor James Gibbs, U. Veracruz Anthropology sponsors Mario Orozco y Rivera, Jose Luis Reyes). Began teaching at the University of Pittsburgh (Anthropology, Sociology) in 1967, finished the PhD in 1969, and continued from 1976 as a Professor at the School of Social Sciences, University of California, Irvine. Chaired a research group on Social Dynamics and Complexity and led a multicampus videoconference series in Human Social Complexity, supported by an appointment with the Institute of Mathematical Behavioral Sciences. 1990-92: Distinguished Senior U.S. Scientist Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation largely spent at the Institute of Ethnology, Cologne, and the Maison Suger and EHESS Centers for Advanced Studies, Paris, and one- third with European research institutes and universities. Member of the Santa Fe Institute for Studies in Complexity in their external faculty and served on professional societies that run the Complex Systems conferences internationally. Taught in the 2007 Paris ISC PIF Complexity summer school. Editor-in-Chief of peer-reviewed anthropology and sociology and interdisciplinary e-journals for the University of California system, the Structure and Dynamics, and the World Cultures eJournals.

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