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Dear Professor White,

Education Portal has 4,600 free, online lessons that you can use to supplement and strengthen your instruction and that your students can use for summer study. We have lessons in science, social science, math, history, English, business and more. Don't see your subject area? Let us know and we'll add it to our lesson development queue.

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We're adding over 60 new lessons a week! Explore them now:

Science (842 lessons)

Social Science (455 lessons)
Social conflict  :Structure-Functional  :Feminist  :Nuclear family  :Extended family  :Culture
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Business (635 lessons)

History (384 lessons)

English (336 lessons)

Math (240 lessons)

Spanish (56 lessons)

Music (50 lessons)

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Create a Free Account Our lessons are always free to access with no login. But now, you and your students can create an account in order to track what lessons you've viewed. Create your free account today and let us know what you think - just reply to this email with your feedback and feature suggestions.

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Break Down Barriers to Education

We're partnering with correctional facilities to bring higher education to incarcerated youth. Higher education is proven to reduce recidivism and improve quality of life, and organizations like the Oregon Youth Authority are using our lessons to break down barriers to education - read how they're doing it.

Do you work with at-risk populations? Let us know how we can help bring education to the students you care about.

About Education Portal

Education Portal is dedicated to using technology to make education accessible. We've been around for ten years and our free video lessons are our newest and boldest way to achieve this goal. Our lessons are and always will remain completely free to use with no barriers to access. View them all here:

We love hearing from professors! Please reply to this email with feedback and suggestions.

Sara Inman

Education Portal

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