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   Excuse me, why does Jared Kushner still have a security clearance? Sign the petition to get it yanked.
   Sign the petition: Puerto Rico needs federal aid, not more debt
   Sign if you agree: I believe in science!
   Add your name: Make Republicans who prefer a child sex offender to a Democrat pay the price
   Sign if you agree: White supremacist bigotry has no place in the White House
   Sign the petition: Trump cabinet member Wilbur Ross should resign over undisclosed investment in Putin-owned company
   Want to take revenge on Senate Republicans who voted to destroy health care? Here is how.
   Sign if you agree: Stop sanitizing history. Slavery caused the Civil War.
   Sign the petition: Denounce Trump for nuking Obamacare. Demand Congress fix it.
   Sign the petition: Actions speak louder than words, Jeff Flake
   Sign the petition: NO charges for disabled protesters of GOP Tax Scam, and Kill the Bill!
   SIGN THIS: Umm, no. The President cannot pardon himself. I can't believe we have to make this a law.
   Sign the petition: We want to see Donald Trump's tax returns. Seriously.
   Sign and send the petition: Protect special counsel Mueller
   Sign the petition to Congress: Permanently ban import of all big game trophies to United States
   Sign the petition: Denounce Jeff Sessions’ license to discriminate
   Add your name: Protest is patriotic #TakeAKnee
   Sign the petition: Don't mess with Social Security!
   Sign the petition: I believe women who survived sexual harassment, abuse, and assault
   Sign the petition: The U.S. court system is racist. Stop taking children away from mothers of color.
   Sign the petition: Stop right-wing Sinclair media from reaching more homes

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