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28 Bennardo, Giovanni. Cultural Models of Nature Across Cultures: Space, Causality and Primary Food Producers.

Home. Nov 3 2016: Doug,

I am very glad you are back! ==


I have been appointed Associate Editor for the Journal of Cultural Cognitive Science, SCCS (Springer), an e-journal, peer-reviewed (I am attaching a programmatic doc).

I am sure that your work would appeal to the targeted audience of this journal and am friendly soliciting submissions of your work, of your students, of your colleagues, or of any other researcher you may know that could be interested.

The web page with the first issue could be found at:

Journal of Cultural Cognitive Science - Springer Aims. This is an interdisciplinary biannual journal broadly under cognitive science, covering all major topics related to cognition, culture, and brain and their ...

I am convinced that this Journal could contribute in advancing the discourse/s that your/our research agenda is trying to make.

All the best, Giovanni

What you have is the title of an article (chapter) that I am finishing to write for submission with the Wiley Companion (after your invitation).

I think I can finish it soon (within a couple of weeks or the end of the month at the latest).

Best, Giovanni

Cognition, Algebra, and Culture in the Tongan Kinship Terminology

2BennadoSocialMemoryRed.doc Social Memory

New June 15 2017

Dear Doug,

Thank you for thinking of me about co-editing the volume for Wiley.

Unfortunately, I am already editing another book at the moment and rewriting a proposal for NSF to be submitted in August.

So, I must decline your invitation.

On another note, I noticed that in the index for the volume there are authors with multiple entries and I do not think that it would be an appropriate step to take. At the same time, if you are worried about number of chapters, consider that in the Companion we edited (David, Michael, Victor, and I) there were only 29 chapters and the other Companion I know well about (Linguistic Anthropology) only has 22 chapters. So, why worry about having so many? Like 40? I would chose the best 20-25 and go with those chapters instead of expanding with multiple entries by one author and/or inappropriate entries from not 'real' cross-cultural researcher. Just my 2 cents.

I hope everything is well with you.

All the best, Giovanni

PS. If you need help with a couple of chapters, I can do that for you, ok?

Giovanni Bennardo Presidential Research Professor Department of Anthropology Cognitive Studies Initiative Environment, Sustainability and Energy Institute Northern Illinois University DeKalb, IL 60115, USA From: Doug White <> Sent: Tuesday, June 6, 2017 5:15:04 PM To: David Kronenfeld;; Victor C. deMunck; Giovanni Bennardo Subject: Collaboration for “A Companion to Cross-Cultural Anthropology”

Dear David, Mike, Victor and Giovanni,

Doug Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I’ve been working on a proposal for Wiley (Joe White), “A Companion to Cross-Cultural Anthropology.” Could be edited by us five (Fischer, de Munck, Kronenfeld, White, and Bennardo, in any order), as with Wiley’s Cog-Anthro. A good part of the work is done. Initial chapters are tentative for roughly 28+ chapters, drafted & needing editing; Dave not yet an author so can choose his contribution. Introduction still needs revision by us as editors. Parts are tentatively edited for a Preface, Intro; most of the sections in the outline attached have been initially submitted by authors. Main sections are separated into: I History of Cross-Cultural Anthropology, II Theory and Datasets, III Method, IV Religion and Prosocialities, V Social Networks, and VI Overview. Final Conclusion and/or Afterword needed. Open for further suggestions. I can send the current author drafts to match the chapters, as yet a couple of rounds of edits by the authors and a few further edits by me.

The five of us could wrap it up with additional editing or overlaps among our editors. I can enclose tentative chapters/sections/papers initially or the whole batch all at once, let me know which you prefer.

All the best wishes & thanks, -- Doug White