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To Robert: idea for a dataset to test for k-cohesion

it would be easy just to add up the numbers for the 15 commodities for each year (they are all in dollars), starting with 1965, and dichotomize for 0/1 on inter-country trade. Then run pairwise, then cliques on that output, then take the very same graphic published for the 1988 World Trade paper and superimpose the cliques on sets of nodes in that 2-dimensional graphic (the shallow bowls in the CRAY graphic: I have those coordinates).

Might show that some cliques cluster for countries in the same or adjacent role positions, while other cliques tend to connect very different roles in that structure. If that worked out visually, a next step is easy: we found that the 15 commodities break into 5 major principal components, so the same thing could be done for each of the 5 types of commodities. The princomp was on all 53 commodities, and we took as our 15 the top three commodities on each princomp. I have that classification in my notebook (and the article): this analysis might resolve alot of the issues discussed in the literature about world trade network structure.

Anyway I know alot more about world system structure than the structure of sociology subfields, this database might yield more significant findings.


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