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available 2017
funded after 1975
7608386 Continuing Grant Network Analysis of Kinship and Multiple Role Systems 04/15/1976 09/30/1979
7825145 Standard Grant Network Analysis of Compadrazgo (Ritual Kinship) and Multiple Role System in Rural Tlaxcala, Mexico 05/01/1979 10/31/1980
8023904 Standard Grant Causes and Consequences of the Sexual Division of Labor: A Cross-Cultural Analysis 04/01/1981 09/30/1983
8304782 Standard Grant Labor Intensification and Female Status: a Cross-Cultural World System Linkage Analysis 08/01/1983 01/31/1986
8507685 Continuing Grant World Systems and Ethnological Theory: Standard Sample Codes and Hypotheses 08/01/1985 01/31/1988
8718948 Standard Grant Conference on Cross-Cultural and Comparative Research, New Haven, Connecticut, March, 1988 01/01/1988 06/30/1989
8718769 Continuing Grant Assessment of Long-term Development in Zambia 02/15/1988 07/31/1990
9310033 Standard Grant Network Analysis of Kinship, Social Transmission and Exchange: Cooperative Research at UCI/UNI Cologne/Paris CNRS 09/15/1993 12/31/1995
9978282 Standard Grant Longitudinal Social Network Studies and Predictive Social Cohesion Theory 08/01/1999 07/31/2002
submitted after 1999
BCS 0434017 Modeling the Dynamics of Complex Social Systems U of Cal Irvine Declined 09/27/2004 04/01/2004 $739,612.00 N/A
BCS 0924986 Recoding resource transfers associated with marriage in the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample (SCCS) U of Cal Irvine Returned 04/03/2009 02/02/2009 $95,958.00 Deborah Winslow
BCS 1024515 Detecting and Envisioning Sociocultural Processes in a Global Historical Anthropology U of Cal Irvine Declined 05/25/2010 01/15/2010 $298,092.00 Deborah Winslow
BCS 1025536 Recoding Resource Transfers Associated with Marriage in the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample U of Cal Irvine Declined 05/26/2010 01/22/2010 Duran Bell $161,297.00 Deborah Winslow
BCS 1060796 Networks and Multilevel Anthropology U of Cal Irvine Pending 08/14/2010 08/13/2010 $294,588.00 Deborah Winslow
Templeton Cross-cultural adaptive dynamics for theories of evolution of moral gods and ethical principles $200,000