Guide to the use of CoSSci

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DEf01f, Dataset. e.g.: SCCS (EA, etc.) <-- : click here
1. Dummy variables used only once under categories 2-5, e.g. 
v2.d3, v3.d4   (must be dichotomies based around e.g., d3, d4 category for single variables)
2. Dep var (singular)  
3. Indep vars in restricted model (predictive)
4. Indep vars in UNrestricted model (not predictive but needed)
5. Additional variables to consider
6. Optional computed variables, e.g.,
   Name, e.g., dx$varname (needs varname from 3 or 5)
continued: Optional computed variable1, e.g.,
   Name1, dx$varnameX+dx$varnameY
Optional computed variable2, e.g.,
   Name1, e.g., dx$vname (needs vname from 3 or 5)
continued: Optional computed variable2, e.g.,
   Name2, dx$vnameX+dx$nameY