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June 17,2017

  • Lakeside School -- the school -- Congratulations, Hayden! We are very pleased to offer you admission to the 7th grade at Lakeside School. It is ranked #9 for college readiness.
  • Hayden's SSAT scores just came in. He scored in the top 14% across all SSAT takers in 6th grade which is en elite bunch (only test takers applying to private schools)! Maximum score on each section is 710 and his scores were: 656, 668, and 677.

Dear Mr. (Scott) White,

Thank you for completing your student's enrollment to Lakeside School for the 2017-2018 school year. This email confirms all steps have been completed and received by Lakeside School. No further action for enrollment is needed on your part. Congratulations!

We look forward to seeing you in the fall. If you have additional enrollment questions, please email enrollment@lakesideschool.org.


Jamie Asaka '96 Director of Student and Family Support

YAH HOO, Hip Hip Hooray and a Hey Nonny Nonny What an accomplishment! Merry Christmas to all Love Margot

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And the winner is... Because... Snap on sunglasses that make him feel like the movie the Matrix.

Hayden 2016

Istanbul / Salmon Bay

Hayden's Pyramid just before going to Istanbul
drawing August 2012 summer before 2nd grade

Claire Sofia White - Katie White - Scott Blanc - Scott D. White - Great grandparents photos

February 17,2013

Wikipedia:Bridge_Builder --- Hayden mastered Arches, Triangles, and Boxcar triangles with his grandad, is 4' 2.5" and ran off 200 calories in a 4.2 mile run on the stationary bike


In school

Hayden gave a guest lecture today (October 2011) in a visit back to his preschool. Read below. Science comment is about the kind of science they do at school. (Hayden is a science whiz)

Oct 24 2011 Hayden White duplo artist
HaydenBuilderOct1 2011.jpg

Thank you so much for allowing Hayden to visit! It was great. He is such an amazing kid. We really miss him around here. Here are the photos from today's visit along with the transcript from today's conversation. He did great. Enjoy the sunshine and we'll see you and Claire tomorrow.

Take care, Teacher Anne

Teacher Anne: Hayden, could you tell us a little about your school?

Hayden: It’s actually a really good school. It even has art class, a nurse, a chess club, and mostly everything. Oh, and Spanish Club and we sing every Friday. We have a cafeteria and we can buy lunch.

Jay: How old are you, Hayden?

Hayden: 5 and a half!

Jay: Hey, I’m five and a half, too!

Teacher Anne: Anything else you want to share about what you do at your school?

Hayden: Yeah, we do math stories and P.E., that’s a gym. Not like a grown-up gym with all those things.

Teacher Anne: Machines?

Hayden: Yeah, we have balls and run around.

Teacher Anne: A big room where you do lots of movement games and sports?

Hayden: Yes, that’s it! Oh yeah, and we have calendar.

Phin: What about circle?

Hayden: We have meeting. That’s kinda like circle.

Mila: Ooooh, yes! You have circle. I love circle.

Teacher Anne: Hayden, do you do any reading at your school?

Hayden: Uh-huh and dumb science.

T. Anne: That’s not really a word we use at school. What do mean by that? Do you mean you didn’t really like it?

Hayden: Yeah, I don’t really like science.

Ella: Ooooh, we do science here and it’s great, Hayden. Science is great!

Phin: Yeah, we do lots of science here.

Mila: Hayden, any gardening in your school? We do a lot of gardening here.

Hayden: Yeah! Actually, we just did some gardening.

Mila: (Standing up) Hayden, come and look at what we planted. We’re doing gardening! Come look!

(Everyone gets up and excitedly gets his or her plants to show Hayden. Afterward, we return to the circle and the conversation continues.)

Teacher Anne: Anything else, guys?

Ella: Thanks for coming to our school, Hayden!

Jay: I won’t be at your school next year ‘cause I’m going to Spruce Street School.

Hayden: Oh. (Looks disappointed.)

Teacher Anne: Thank you for coming, Hayden!

Everyone: THANK YOU! (clapping)

Creation art

HaydenCreation Art at 6. (see his site at Deviantart)

Latest work

Hayden's Hen Art at 6.)

Exploring the violin


As Toddler


As baby --> Age of 8



Experimenter Hayden takes shell off egg Russian style

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.06.46 AM.png