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Henry Yen Henry Yen has just accepted a new position within the Social Sciences Computing Services team: Research Support Analyst.

Hello Everyone,

I am excited to share some news with you. Henry Yen has just accepted a new position within the Social Sciences Computing Services team: Research Support Analyst.

As many of you are aware, Henry has spent the past seven years working in our help desk. During his tenure, Henry has played a major role in transforming the operation of our help desk response team. Henry has particularly excelled in hiring, training, and cultivating our team of student workers; most of whom are now able to complete many tasks that would have previously required a full-time staff member.

You may also have seen Henry organizing volleyball practices during the year, or managing the Social Sciences summer team at the ARC. Whatever the event, Henry is likely to be there helping out and representing our school.

Henry will now be spending the majority of his time assisting faculty in their use of technology for research.

If you have a moment, please join me in congratulating Henry on his new position within the school!

Thank you,


My new C 1703900 doesnt read documents (*.docx files moved from an older computer) but instead replies "Choose shortcut or mirror documents to open. Is there some incompatability between my new C1703900 and an older mac C13012802?

Hi Doug
There shouldn’t be a compatibility issue for docx files.  Are you opening files from within Word?  Give that a try if not. 
If that doesn’t work ,we’re working to acquire a TeamViewer license, I can help you with this as soon as I get that ready.
Henry Yen (x5476)
Social Sciences Computing Services (sscs@uci.edu)

SKIP Hi Doug,

The first step is to run a malware scanner to see if it can remove the malware for you. Please download, install, and run Malwarebytes Anti Malware here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/

Run the updater first, then run a scan on the whole system. Perform the recommended actions, rinse and repeat until the scans come back clean. If the scans are not coming back clean after the 3rd pass, then we have to look at more aggressive means of removing the malware. At that point, it may be best to reinstall the whole computer.

In any case, please do take backups in case anything happens. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns! If you’d like assistance with this, I’d be happy to work on your computer if you could have it brought in.

Best, Henry Yen (x5476) 949-824-5476 (helpdesk@socsci.uci.edu)

Social Sciences Computing Services (sscs@uci.edu)

From: Doug White [1] Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 10:32 AM
To: Social Sciences Computing Services (UCI) <SSCS@uci.edu>; Doug White <douglas.white@uci.edu>. Scott White
Subject: hypegram music 
BRIEFLY: hypegram.com invaded my computers and keept sending me hypegram.com message(s)

how do I delete it for good?

--- Jonathan --- Jon --- Nilsson --- Jon Nilsson -- Lopez

Henry Yen 949 824 5476
Dear Henry: can you please give me instructions for creating two red [ File:IMG_5376.jpg ] live at http://intersci.ss.uci.edu/wiki/index.php/Chris_White.

I guess I must first click on the "Upload file" link in the Tools box on the left side of the wiki where I have a problem with instruction for making links indicated to upload a file named IMG_5376.jpg (has not yet been uploaded) seems that during the upload, you click the "Choose file" button, and then select the file from your computer. You then specify the "Destination filename" which can be the same or different from the original file. In this case, you should make the Destination filename be "IMG_5376.jpg" so that the link on the Chris_White page will use it. Please refer to this MediaWiki help page about how to use images if you need more assistance.