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Trump: Council for a Livable World:

It’s official: White House sources say that, despite zero evidence, President Trump will “decertify” the Iran nuclear agreement.

He is at odds with his own advisers. Just this week, Secretary of Defense Mattis and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dunford both testified to the Senate that remaining in the Iran Deal is in the U.S. national security interest.

Now, the ball is in Congress’ court. Will you help us convince Congress that voting to re-impose sanctions could lead to a war with Iran?

After decertification, Congress has 60 days to vote on expedited legislation to re-impose nuclear sanctions that were waived under the agreement. At that point, President Trump’s dream would finally come true. The Iran Deal would be dead.

None of this makes sense - Iran is complying with the agreement. International inspectors, our allies and our own intelligence community agree! Without the deal, Iran can restart its efforts to build a nuclear arsenal. That’s why abandoning the Iran Deal is reckless, foolish, and downright dangerous.

Members of Congress need to reject the slippery slope to another war in the Middle East. Will you help us stand up for the Iran Deal and diplomacy?

Alexandra Bell Senior Policy Director Council for a Livable World