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Noted that: If you run Trestles (20 minutes or more per run, with many iterations, use DEF2 LOCAL instead or R Gui) make sure each variable has >57 cases which v673 does not in the example given at Visual Manual. Checking Trestles queue will show just how long the queues are at any given time (15 minute increments). Trestles runs big jobs so odd times are not necessarily quicker. It is vastly preferable to use option DEF2 LOCAL. E.g., Ev676.3 gives a simple annotated example of an R Gui.

  • Some R Gui variables end in sq, meaning the square of a variable, e.g. enter h[8] at the end of a Gui run and you might get a "ToTry" list that lists v150sq.

to test this variable your Gui need, after the mkdummy variables, the squared variable that you want to test:

dx$v150sq=dx$v150^2 #<--illustration of creating a squared variable for v150, Fixity of residence.
addesc("v150sq", "v150sq") #<--you can change the second label, e.g., "FixityResid"

When you are using DEF2 LOCAL (or Trestles), however, this will not work. You need to use sq as a prefix for a new independent variable sq150 AND put v150 in "Additional variables to consider." Thus v150 is available for a transformation to sq150 which does not clash with a v150sq that is automatically created by DEF2.