How to Turn Your Project into a Science Gateway

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GUIDE (Argonne lab): Thomas D. Uram Python documentation ASTA Team: Yifeng Cui (SDSC), Raghu Reddy, Nancy - San Diego] /[PPT]
Apache Mod Python - will modpython be a useful open source web service?


Build a Gateway: Tutorials help at XSEDE New User Tutorial List of Tutorials Building a Gateway / SimpleGrid / Apache Airavata Supercomputing in Plain English, Part 1 Supercomputing in Plain English, Part 2 XSEDE productivity XSEDE performance Gordon
The assumption that an IT person/developer, removed from the user/discipline, can “build it and they will come” is doomed from the get go

Anurag Shankar "A Usability Primer for Grid Portals";jsessionid=A955C8A4D9B995DD7CBD158BAD7EBF6E

“DON’T MAKE ME THINK: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability” by Steve Krug
Many existing science gateways use quite modest back ends for compute resources.

Some even have nothing to do with CPU cycles or grid at all. Shankar 2007

for-developers (The Role of the Developer) (The Role of the Developer)

IU Mediawiki@IU Quarry: Useful_Software_for_TeraGrid_Science_Gateways

TeraGrid Wiki GRAM 5 Testing pages

Developer-Recommmended Software for TeraGrid Science Gateways 4pp (and obsolete archives)

and 15pp obsolete pages "Primer"

go to for PI, Developer and public documentation == equals ==> (The TeraGrid Project has ended) !!!

Request a "Community Account" (Accounts) from the My XSEDE tab (Enter the Portal)

Basic Job Submission (Getting Started Guide) (Getting Started Guide)

XSEDE Guest Resources Catalog (Resources: Service Providers: not needed) (Resources)= Service Providers (SPs), Gordon, Trestles, IU's Quarry VERY SLOW, NOT NEEDED