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pubs ~~ iPhone

2013 iPad Mini with phone calls to Hayden

http://www.bing.com/search?q=iCloud+basics+for+iPad&form=APMCS1 Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 3.28.37 PM.png

  • Apple ID = Drwhite2@gmail.com AtlaP...2 iTunes plus in the iPad May 2013 Serial # F7TL7NH8BF196 WiFiOnly

iPad Mini on/off at top, roundbutton on side Contact APL-Care 800-275-2271 / 8990245-2273 http://ara.apple.com Aurelia

iPad Mini Manual
iPad Mini Manual

Science content app


Pay for streaming video storage: Seagate

Seagate launches GoFlex Satellite™ mobile wireless storage device. From: "Seagate" <seagate@infoyouaskedfor.com> Date: Fri, May 20, 2011 1:34 am To: "Douglas White" <drwhite@uci.edu> Options: View Full Header | View Printable Version | Download this as a file | Add to Address Book | View Message Details | View as HTML

View an on-line version of this email > http://www.infoyouaskedfor.com/r.cgi?=m677104_131771717&MLID=71064&MMID=131771717&EMAL=drwhite%40uci.edu


Seagate(R) GoFlex Satellite(R) Mobile Wireless Storage


Meet your new wireless best friend.

Introducing the Seagate(R) GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage device.

Store Over 300 Movies*

Learn More > http://www.infoyouaskedfor.com/r.cgi?=m677103_131771717

Your media library on-the-go. Streamed wirelessly to your iPad.

  • Take more than 300 HD movies* on-the-go
  • Stream your media over Wi-Fi to three different iPads

at the same time

  • Simply load GoFlex Satellite with media from your

PC or Mac computer, charge it and start streaming!



FireSky for iPad

awesome with facebook, e.g., viewing photo albums

CourseSmart eTextbooks


ARCgis for iPad

"ARCgis API for iOS

ARCgis for iOS
AGSAPIiOSV10.pkg "Open in Goodreader" + "ARCgis for iOS"
What? I though goodreads is a way to track books that you read. -- Scott
Installation iOS SDK - If you are not one already, you will need to become a registered Apple developer.
main page


Documents To Go Premium]
iBook app Jan 2010
iBook store July 2010
click "book" at url from Safari, then + (plus)
looks like you can download to Mac or Pc? then use the USB to transfer... check this out



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