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John B. Opdycke Independent Party

The independent political movement has one simple goal.

We want to change EVERYTHING about American politics.

What does it mean to change everything? It's a cultural statement. We want a new political and civic environment where creativity, innovation, and development can thrive. We advocate for top two open primaries and non-partisan reforms not because they are fairer (though they are) but to directly challenge the political parties and their two-fisted control over our democracy.

The independent political movement is a new force in American politics. We are fueled by the growing number of Americans who don't want to associate with a political party (a recent Gallup poll has independents at 40% of the electorate). We are growing - but at the same time we are misunderstood, marginalized and ignored by the political establishment. Typically, we are labeled using the same divisive, non-developmental, (and condescending) categories that make us declare our independence in the first place! But make no mistake, even as the political wise men (and women) declare that most independents are really Democrats and Republicans in disguise, if you want to understand independents, grok this:

We want to change EVERYTHING about American politics. has launched our year-end fundraising drive. Our goal is to raise $75,000 by 12/31 to support our upcoming national conference of independents and get ready for 2013.

UPDATE: Since we launched our year end drive on December 12, supporters like you have given a total of $46,770. We have just $28,230 to go to reach our goal.

We have many opportunities and challenges facing us. Our movement is growing rapidly, our core political reform agenda is gaining traction, and we face stiff resistance from the established political parties. We need your help and involvement more than ever and I hope that you will make a year end donation today.

The growing gap between rich and poor, the fading excellence of our educational system, permanent militarism, entrenched poverty and underdevelopment, environmental degradation - these are the serious and complicated issues that face our country and our world. The independent political movement recognizes that if we want to change anything....we've got to change everything.